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NightWish 2003-11-18 10:26

Midori no Hibi [Manga Discussion]
Ooo.. I've only just noticed that SnoopyCool has put up another chapter of Midori no Hibi :) ~ What have I been doing for the last 11 days, oh thats right... working ~ :rolleyes:

Anyway, seeing as it has not been talked about on the forums yet... What do you all think of it? What do you mean you've not read it!? Go download! Then tell us what you think... I'm curious ;). What do you like about it? ... (What don't you like about?)

^danshi^ 2003-11-18 22:01

I've read the first volume yesterday and though (or maybe because? ^^) the idea for the story is really strange, I enjoyed it a lot. The only negative aspects are that the characters are a bit too simplified IMO and the story could be more profound, but cuteness and entertainment value easily compensate for these little flaws :D

Ookla The Mok 2003-11-21 10:48

I was hooked with snoopy's first chapter, and now I've bought all the books. Anyway one thing I don't like about the series is that it's really episodic, but...oh well, it comes back to stuff eventually. It's really humor-focused though, and sometimes I need to read a series like that.

^danshi^ 2004-02-07 22:36

Bumping this thread because there will be an anime version of Midori no Hibi soon.
Official site

Oneesama 2004-02-16 20:39


Originally Posted by ^danshi^
Bumping this thread because there will be an anime version of Midori no Hibi soon.
Official site

Yay~ ^^ i like tat manga~~ itz funny.... wonder if she will ever stay in tat form :heh:

Hayamaneko 2004-03-04 23:53

..the homosexual undertones in this series are....intresting, to say the least :heh:. particularly in chap 36 when

i sure hope i did the spoiler tags right :heh:

snoopy 2004-03-05 01:05

Trust me, it gets worse... (better? :heh: )

Ookla The Mok 2004-03-05 01:56


Originally Posted by snoopy
Trust me, it gets worse... (better? :heh: )

Haha, I think it's pretty hilarious


brtran 2004-03-06 03:51

Fanservice is good for the short run.
Right now, it kind of off the rail abit and it should be on track to make the manga move forward. The manga is kind of stalling right now, I just hope they hurry up abit.

P.S. I wonder if the comic still go on if Midori turn back to her body then have a relationship with the main man afterward?

Shokushu 2004-03-06 09:39

First off, I would just like to give the manga- two thumbs up!!!
It's great stuff.

Secondly, I think that it definitely could and should continue on after Midori goes back into her body and stays there. After all, she would have competition, which could make for some interesting stuff...

ItsuJin 2004-03-06 23:48

:hmm: i think i'll agree with shokushu.. at first its really interesting, but after a while it makes the story 'stopped'.. its not goin anywhere.. so i hope the story will improve a bit..

jennwenn 2004-03-07 21:03


Originally Posted by ItsuJin
:hmm: i think i'll agree with shokushu.. at first its really interesting, but after a while it makes the story 'stopped'.. its not goin anywhere.. so i hope the story will improve a bit..

Yeah, I can see how annoying it is with Midori's attitude. Get OVER IT!!!! I wonder if the series could progress if there wasn't the whole hand thing?

xwmaxx 2004-03-08 11:23

:) Ya! I found this manga to be very entertaining but I also wonder when they would continue with the main part of the story instead of sidetracking. But overall its not a bad manga, their are some hilarious parts like what Hayamaneko said.

Ookla The Mok 2004-03-09 00:34

There isn't a main story. The side plots are the point of the series, so get used to it.

snoopy 2004-03-09 06:36

awwwe, there's a LITTLE story. Every volume or so they have a 'plot moving' of sorts. Like just now in the weeklies. I'm not sure I like what happened, but it certainly had something to do with the main plot.

Lord Raiden 2004-03-22 23:10

I just now got into this manga myself and OMG I'm lauging my *** off!! If the anime is anywhere near what the manga is, it's gonna be awesome!! :)

I'm definately glad that this was recommended to me. It's a kick *** manga. hehe. Anyone know how many chapters/volumns this is planned for or isn't that known just yet? I don't figure it is, but I thought I'd ask just in case.

snoopy 2004-03-23 00:47

I thought it'd be over at volume 3, to be honest. As did all of the people on the japanese message boards at the time. But since they proved that it can do that and -not- end, there's no way to tell when it will truly be over. 69's the most resent chapter I have (heheheh...), but it could end next week or go on for the next year, that's just the nature of episodic series like this.

Lord Raiden 2004-03-23 01:11

Well from what I've gathered so far the resolution of the series will be Seiji and Midori becomeing BF/GF. He's definately softening, but if there's no set end date, and with the Anime starting in a week or two, I'm going to guess that it's gonna end here very soon. Probubly in volumn 5. Since it's tenatively scheduled for 26 episodes (that's the last info I have on it) and the manga is based on the "days" system, I'd guess we'll see the end of it here in about 8-10 weeks. At least that's my guess, especially since the anime can catch up to the manga very quickly at this point if it tried. But I don't think it will. I think it'll go for the full 26 I heard that it was supposed to go to.

Personally, I'm phyqued for the anime right now too. Especially with as killer as the manga is.

whatever123 2004-03-23 01:17

that is a funny manga i am looking forward for the anime.

the funny thing is that i never seek romance manga how in the world did i watch this is still a mystery OOHHHH i remember now snoopy mentioned in his site in the update that it had boobs thats why i downloaded it

thanx snoopy for the great series

snoopy 2004-03-23 14:16

dude, raiden I just told you there were 69 chapters... 11 chapters per volume. That already puts it into volume 7 with no end in sight.

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