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marvelB 2013-03-19 00:26

One Piece - Chapter 702 [manga]
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Oda was unexpectedly sick last week, but it he's back now (and with an early spoiler to boot)! Credit goes to Aohige for the spoiler translation:

-Chapter title is "Corrida Colosseum". The ministory reveals that the soldiers are revolutionaries, and their flag shows a likeness of their leader's son.... who looks like a mix between Che Guevara and Caribou. :p

-The blind man from last chapter tells the restaurant owner he'll handle the bill for the damages he caused. Interestingly, the owner seems to recognize his true identity. Luffy, interested in the old man's strength, asks who he is. The blind man replies that he's better off keeping his silence on that matter. Suddenly, the people in the restaurant realize that their belonging went missing.... and one of said belongings in question is Zoro's Shuusui!

-One of the toys claim that fairies were the thieves, but Zoro senses the actual their running away. He, Sanji, and Kinemon chase after the robber, and while Luffy is ready to join them, Franky has other ideas. He apprehends one of the thugs who tried to cheat the blind man and along with Luffy, interrogate him for the Smile factory's location. The thug doesn't know about that, but he DOES know that Dofla's officers are holding a special tournament at the colosseum, which has a special prize.....

-At the aforementioned Colosseum, people from all over the island are gathered. The announcer reveals that the prize of this tournament will be.... the Mera Mera fruit! Powerful people from all around the NW are gathered at the tournament, and we're also introduced to the officers from Dofla's crew who are participants: Senior Pink (fat guy with sunglasses and baby pacifier), dellinger (younger guy wearing a cap), Lao G (that one old geezer we saw before), Machvise (the other fat dude from Dofla's crew we saw before), and Diamante, the hero of the collsseum we saw a couple chapters back. Interestingly, it seems that the blind man is part of the tournament's audience. Back at the restaurant, Luffy just learns from the thug about his deceased brother's fruit being the prize in the tournament.....!!!

Interesting, so Dofla's plan is to give away the fruit in a tournament, eh? Honestly, I'm not too wild about tournament arcs (mainly because of how overdone they are), but I'm confident that Oda will handle it well. And at least, I'm interested in seeing more of the fighters gathered there (maybe we'll see some interesting faces there, both old AND new! ;)). And I'm kinda not surprised that the blind man didn't reveal his identity yet, though I'm wondering if he'll decide to join that tournament as well, in due time......

Also, I really wonder if that sword thief will go to either the arena or the smile factory? Unless the arena IS the factory.....?

marvelB 2013-03-19 01:41


Originally Posted by The Small One (Post 4596578)
You mean like producing smiles they need some sort of battle aura around?

No, I meant something more along the lines of hiding the factory in an obvious location to throw off potential enemies (since they wouldn't think of searching for it in a conspicuous place). Like maybe the factory is underneath the arena or something.


Originally Posted by The Small One (Post 4596578)
If this spoiler is true (well, I can't remember any fake spoilers for OP), I'm kind of disappointed that someone was able to steal from the Straw Hats. Aren't they supposed to have observation haki (aka Mantra), they should have noticed something. Unless the thief is really good.

You speak as if it shouldn't be possible for the monster trio to be caught off guard like any regular person. Remember, they WERE kind of distracted by the blind dude showing off his DF ability.....

aohige 2013-03-19 02:32

Sorry bit of correction:

the blind man didn't pay for the damage, he simply gave him the "bill to".

Man I can see Sakazuki getting red from seeing the bill already. :heh:

I didn't translate the spoiler, that spoiler is simply mine. :heh:
Most of the spoilers recently has been me reading the manga and actually making a summary instead of translating someone else's

Dr. Casey 2013-03-19 02:36

Tournament arc! :D One of my favorite shonen traditions. 2014 will be a good year for the One Piece anime. Personally though, I would prefer for all nine Straw Hats to enter the tournament and save the factory for later. The Straw Hats dividing up into multiple groups every arc does get tiresome.

~Yami~ 2013-03-19 05:12

awesome development!

good thing that blind swordman isn't a part of Flamengo's crews...
I think it's time for Zoro to sharpen his skills by winning this tournament :heh:

articuzwolf 2013-03-19 06:03

monster trio + kinemon for the tournament participants!

mrShady 2013-03-19 06:34

It does seem like the strawhats are yet again split:p.
So it's the Zoro/Sanji/Kinemon group
and the Luffy/Franky group.

It's a bit lame though that someone like Zoro got his sword stolen.
This however does provide a chance for Zoro's group to end up in the arena (the contestants being all swordsmen, one might even be the sword thief) and Zoro being handicapped with having just 2 swords (again he's handicapped:p).
Zoro might even face off against the still mysterious blind dude. All the while Sanji can go undercover.

Personally I hope Luffy get's pissed because the surprise is not special meat but ace's DF and heads in the opposite direction:p. Having him matched with Franky who's just as unpredictable it can really go either way.

khoa1708 2013-03-19 08:48

so we don't know luffy's reaction when he found out what the prize to the tourney is?

it looks like one of the SHs will be getting the fruit after all...

ronin myael 2013-03-19 08:59

interesting chapter... the old man is becoming more and more intriguing. what he said to luffy got me thinking.

tournament arc eh? hope oda won't focus too much on the tournament, i personally am sick of shonen characters competing in tournaments. i've had enough of it from fairy tail and hitman reborn. :uhoh:

articuzwolf 2013-03-19 09:04

blind old man come to watch a wait

SilverSyko 2013-03-19 09:25

Seems the revelation on who the old guy is will have to wait, still, the evidence on him being an admiral just keeps piling up.

So the winner of the tournament will win possession of the Mera Mera no mi and possibly consume it. It seems kind of late if you ask me for any of the Strawhats to interfere so I wonder how this will pan out.

Pretty quick chapter, but it's moving the story forward.~

noktown 2013-03-19 09:42

Why do i get the feeling that the Old man might be Kaido ?Or maybe I'm just too paranoid about Kaido lately...

james0246 2013-03-19 09:57


Originally Posted by noktown (Post 4596974)
Why do i get the feeling that the Old man might be Kaido ?Or maybe I'm just too paranoid about Kaido lately...

Now that would be a fun twist.

As for the chapter, I liked the fcat that Luffy helped interrogate someone. I'm not sure why, but it was interesting...

btw, anyone else really liking the shift in Caribou's story? I was suspecting something like this (revolution wise, not with the doppelganger), but to see Caribou in this situation is quite interesting.

yakumo-chan 2013-03-19 11:42

randomlex 2013-03-19 12:27

After teaching him this technique, Mihawk probably decided he should be the only one called "Eagle Eyes", so he cut one of Zoro's eyes :D


Originally Posted by yakumo-chan (Post 4597083)

randomlex 2013-03-19 12:34

The only tournament anime I've actually watched was Yu Yu Hakusho, which I really liked, so I'm looking forward to it.

What the blind man said to Luffy points out to him being either an Admiral or a Yonkou, someone high up.
I'm betting on him being an Admiral, sent to retrieve the Mera Mera no mi (so it doesn't fall into yet another pirate's hands) and/or keep an eye out on Doflamingo (quitting from the Shichibukai just like that does raise a lot of questions).
It's probably also why he didn't bother with the Straw Hats - it's just not his mission.

Che Caribou and the Gandam robot toy were pretty funny additions, too...

DarkHollowIchigo 2013-03-19 12:50

I totally see Luffy winning that Mera Mera fruit and consuming it.

bigdeal000 2013-03-19 12:55


Originally Posted by ronin myael (Post 4596931)
interesting chapter... the old man is becoming more and more intriguing. what he said to luffy got me thinking.

tournament arc eh? hope oda won't focus too much on the tournament, i personally am sick of shonen characters competing in tournaments. i've had enough of it from fairy tail and hitman reborn. :uhoh:

You could try Yu Yu Hakusho if you want a good tournament. I never liked the one in Fairy Tail, but I'm sure Oda will do a better job than that.

Kanon 2013-03-19 13:27

I don't think we will have an actual tournament, as in individual matches. It sounds more like a battle royal to me. Last man standing gets the prize.

Blackbeard D. Kuma 2013-03-19 13:52

Oh my goodness. Aohige changed his avatar :).

As for the chapter itself, I'm intrigued as to where the plot is going. I'm stoked for this tournament, as it's the first time One Piece has done a real tournament arc. It's pretty much a staple for shounen comics. And the old man being an admiral undercover is becoming even more heavily hinted at. It's better that people don't cause a commotion over someone so prestigious, so as not to attract any unwanted attention.

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