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MeoTwister5 2013-03-31 00:35

Need some laptop underclocking advice.
So recently this 2 year old laptop of mine has been having some freezing and BSOD (124 codes most of the time) issues every now and then when gaming, and IIRC it tends to be an issue with overheating hardware. So far it only happens when I'm gaming or watching 1080 videos, so for the time being looks like I don't have any critical hardware failures as of yet.

I've set my power settings to have my CPU run at 75% capacity at maximum at the power management controls, and I'm looking for a good tool for GPU underclocking. My CPU temps before tweaking with settings reach 90C on a hot day, 75-80 for GPU.

I'm looking for any suggestions or settings from anyone familiar with underclocking laptops. I'm trying to keep this thing going a few more months before I can afford either a new laptop or a desktop. Thanks.

Edit: Oops. i5 and a HD5730 here with 8gb RAM.

synaesthetic 2013-03-31 05:51

A powered laptop cooling pad would be a wise investment. A lot of laptops seem to have their cooling systems start to go south as they age, and getting a good cooling pad can help extend their life a bit longer.

You should be able to underclock the GPU using the Catalyst Control Center.

King Lycan 2013-03-31 10:49

I'd say give MSI Afterburner a try

sa547 2013-03-31 11:20

The other way to get a laptop to cool down is to disassemble it completely, clean out the cooling system, and then replace the spent/dried-up thermal compound with a daub of high-performance super-cooling compound (usually used for gaming PCs).

Deepcool Z5 worked well in my case.

Jaden 2013-04-04 04:58

Yea I'd first do the cleanup, this can increase the fan performance by a lot.

You can also keep a book or something underneath the back of the laptop to increase airflow around the hot parts. A cooling pad like Syn suggests is optimal but it's also extra clutter.

For a lot of extra cooling, you can exchange the thermal interface compound. In most laptops the same heatsink covers both the CPU and GPU, so it's easy enough to do both at once. You'll need to buy the stuff of course, and you'll also need some kinda rubbing alcohol to clean up the previous stuff.

I'd say underclocking/undervolting is the last resort. In that case you need to focus on bringing down the voltages, since that affects the heat generation most. It's a bit tricky and risky to do, but it may be possible to lower voltages without lowering performance. Here's a good article on CPU undervolting:

synaesthetic 2013-04-04 15:54

If you're going to redo the thermal grease, use Arctic Silver because it's awesome.

Edit: Undervolting most mobile GPUs requires that you flash hacked firmware to the GPU which can be ah... well, if you mess up, you've got a nice laptop-shaped paperweight.

MeoTwister5 2013-04-07 05:47

I can take apart a desktop and change the thermal paste on the heat sinks just fine, I've done it before. On a laptop... yeah not so much.

Well right now having the processor run at 70% maximum capacity seems to have done just right. No crashes or BSODs since then, and while it's a bit slower at startup, it hasn't affected gaming and video playback at all.

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