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relentlessflame 2013-04-10 21:27

Zero no Tsukaima Author Noboru Yamaguchi Passes Away

Originally Posted by akron88 (Post 4605550)
Jesus. That the author is befallen with such a horrible, horrible disease. It's always dangerous, Cancer, but now I read it's terminal? It'll be nothing short of a miracle if he survives, so even though I'm not religious I'll wish for his recovery.

Tragically, he passed away on 4 April 2013 at the age of 41.

I don't know, somehow this is pretty affecting to me. I know a lot people weren't too fond of the franchise (particularly of the anime), but I have many fond memories of it. And to see the work never be completed as intended by the author is sad. At least, for all its faults, we do have the anime to give some sense of closure (though the true extent of the author's hand in penning it may never be known). Perhaps he left some notes that'll let someone else finish the last pages.


Illustrator Katakura Shinji had asked him "what would you like to be reborn as?" to which he replied "Myself; I have led a very happy life."

Edit: ANN link

serenade_beta 2013-04-10 22:00

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........Not again...........
That makes two light novels I followed unfinished.

Endscape 2013-04-10 22:08

R.I.P. Noburu-sensei.

Seriously, Kaze no Stigma, MM! and now ZnT. It gives the impression that this is a dangerous profession.

Rising Dragon 2013-04-10 22:10

Is there no hope that he did a Robert Jordan-esque back-up of his work?

Yye1 2013-04-10 22:11

Sighs, so sad...., unlike kaze no stigma, at least there is an anime ending

jvcscasio 2013-04-10 22:22

I... really can't express how sad I feel. The ZnT novels were one of the few series that made read even online, through ours of uncomfortable positions, sleepless nights of reading and anxiety for a new translated chapter.

He didn't just write a book, he created a universe, with unique and non-unique characters, with countries and politics that could be as interesting alone as they were when following the main characters. He showed a beautiful and, at the same time, fun love story between Saito and Louise. He made me cry over the prince's death and showed the dirtiness of politics with the pope.

This series was one of a kind. Not many Light Novels are capable of being what zero no tsukaima was.

Rest in piece as your work will continue to inspire authors around the world as much as I was inspired.

Azuma Denton 2013-04-10 22:44

Zero no Tsukaima Author Noboru Yamaguchi Passes Away
R.I.P Noboru-sensei...
Very sad to hear his passing away, especially on such young age...

AP24 2013-04-10 22:53

It's really sad.....
At least the anime gave us an ending. I wonder if the novel was supposed to end in similar way as the anime did. Even if it was I still wanted to see the novel's ending because it would've gave us a better sense of closure.

Cosmic Eagle 2013-04-11 00:05

I never followed ZnT but I still mourn his passing and I wish that one day this hateful blight of cancer may be eradicated forever

Marcus H. 2013-04-11 00:11


Originally Posted by Noboru Yamaguchi, on one of his last Twitter posts
The 21st volume of Zero no Tsukaima novel will be delayed at least for two months. Please forgive me! Damn! I'll live on. I had been desperate, but I miraculously got an opportunity to take the operation. There is a possibility of survival.

I really want to live...

See you on the other side...

LoweGear 2013-04-11 00:17

You know, ZnT may not be the greatest piece of fiction ever conceived, but the works it inspired from the fiction writing fandom I've associated with the past year was a truly enjoyable one, and just for the fact that it was his imagination and effort that made it happen in the first place through the act of inspiring people, Noboru Yamaguchi gets my respect.

May you find eternal rest.


Alchemist007 2013-04-11 00:27

This was one of those LN series I was hoping to pick up after it completed. 41 is terribly young but he was happy with his life at least, RIP.

Not too many people get to see their end coming, he may have left something for the fans.

fict_ticious 2013-04-11 00:36

Man, this hits pretty hard.
My condolences to his friends and family.

RDF2050 2013-04-11 00:52

I didn't like the anime but the LN were decent. It's sad for him to die so young. :(

DarkJak2050 2013-04-11 01:24

First, Kaze no Stigma's Takahiro Yamato (June 2009)...

Then, MM!'s Akinari Matsuno (April 18th, 2011)...

And now, Zero no Tsukaima's Noboru Yamaguchi (April 4, 2013)...

Kurohane 2013-04-11 01:51

I was hoping he'd pull through. Zero no Tsukaima may not have been one of my favorites, bit like others already stated it was a world given a lot of thought, care and love. I wanted to know its LN ending. I give his friends and family my deepest condolences. I wish Yamaguchi-san safe passage into Heaven, under God's grace. May he rest in peace. "it's not how long we've lived, but how fully we've lived."

Sumeragi 2013-04-11 02:04

Unfortunate. Another work unfinished.


Originally Posted by DarkJak2050 (Post 4630787)
First, Kaze no Stigma's Takahiro Yamato (June 2009)...

Then, MM!'s Akinari Matsuno (April 18th, 2011)...

And now, Zero no Tsukaima's Noboru Yamaguchi (April 4, 2013)...

You forgot the Holiest of the Holy: Trinity Blood's Yoshida Sunao

Tsundere Louise 2013-04-11 02:10

All I can say is that I hope that he didn't suffer much and is now in a better world. May God bless his soul.

Ridwan 2013-04-11 02:12

This is just sad :(

backbone 2013-04-11 02:18

God bless him . . . .

Amen . . .

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