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Dreamer90 2013-04-24 07:21

Club Wars, my Anime-themed TCG project
So, I've been working on a project this past month or so that I really want to bring to fruition (Unlike all the other bajillion ideas for games I've had.). Basically, it's an anime-themed trading card game set in a high school where ten of the school clubs are pretty much battling for supremacy. It's kinda silly and very over the top, but that's sort of the point.

My goal is to actually make it a physical product some day, but there's still a lot to do before that happens. Right now I'm designing the cards and gauging interest in the game on several forums. I will update this thread as I make progress so that people can follow along with what I'm doing. Hopefully that should give me a bit of a motivational boost.

The game itself is based around something called a base card. Your base card provides Loyalty, which you use to play cards, as well as some other nice benefits and effects. Each club has their own base and each base is different. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's base with your characters, while keeping them from doing the same.
Each club functions differently and is meant for different kinds of play.

Progress list:

Basic concept
A few pieces of art for reference

In the works:
Facebook Page
Comprehensive rules document

Here's some of the art of the characters. Keep in mind that none of these will be used on any actual cards. They'll probably be used as references for the artists making the actual card art. All the artists that aren't me are referred to by their DeviantArt usernames, making it easy to look them up if you like their stuff.

Spoiler for Art by me (Contains some old stuff that's not all that good):

Spoiler for Art by other people:

If you have any questions, suggestions or other queries, feel free to post them at your leisure! Right now, I'm really looking for feedback on the general concept of the game. If someone's interested, I'll go more into detail about the various elements of it. Figured I'd keep the OP short and concise so as to not bore people away with a huge wall of text.


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