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Pellissier 2013-04-27 08:58

Ore no Imouto (Season Two) - Episode 4 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Ore no Imouto (Season Two), Episode 4.

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GDB 2013-04-27 13:15

Ria was a pretty hyper-active "little sister" there. Glad Kirino at least realizes the difference between reality and fantasy, though she'd still probably eat Kuroneko's little sisters.

Nice cliffhanger they left the episode on there.

Entravity 2013-04-27 13:20

Not a bad episode, and it's nice to see the siscon Kyousuke yelling his heart out over his imouto.

jvcscasio 2013-04-27 13:49


Not a week of wait!
This gonna kill me!!!

Though I dislike Kirino...

relentlessflame 2013-04-27 14:09

This episode was pretty fun, but actually it's mostly a thematic recap in case you missed the point of what happened in Episode 15 of season 1 (and had forgotten why exactly Kirino came back home). In that sense, it feels like the actual story for this second season is going to start moving as of next week (after that rather cruel cliffhanger :heh: ).

Anyway, lots of fun and energy this week, along with some good character development moments for both Kyousuke and Kirino, so I was pretty satisfied, even though it mostly reiterates points that could have been inferred already.

FlareKnight 2013-04-27 14:18

Ria definitely brought some chaos to things for an episode. Was a good reminder of what Kirino's struggles were over in the US and why she came back.

Though that was one crazy cliffhanger. Wonder what the heck Kirino has gotten into that she requires this kind of 'help'.

ion475 2013-04-27 14:34


1. Kido Ibuki is quickly becoming the imouto voice LOL (Akiko from Oniai, Kasumi from GJ-bu, now "pseudo-imouto" in Ria)
2. 俺はロリコンじゃない、シスコンだぁぁぁぁ!...So Kyousuke finally admits it :p
3. Cliffhanger...of course LN reader already know the rest, but doesn't matter...more Kyousuke Siscon antics next episode!
4. Looping the Shimapan scene...continue to loop...
5. And that naked Ria scene in the beginning...yep, I'm so going to get arrested
6. And LOL..."Real-life imouto are no good thing, imouto are limited to 2-D world" true, so true (And yeah, Kirino...Kyousuke is standing behind you)
7. (Post-Edit)Almost forgot to mention those SAO figures...
8. Last note = Kyousuke's dad's English...

Solafighter 2013-04-27 15:02

Nice episode. :)

Best.Confession.Ever.Kyousuke! :heh:

I think next week airs the episode, I'm most looking forward to. :cool:

Nice SAO figures, btw. :D

To bad, that on episode 3, Kyousuke didn't cosplay Kirito. I wonder, how that would look like.

Kanon 2013-04-27 17:16

I can't tell if Ria was cute or annoying. Probably both. Not a bad episode but it was the weakest of the season so far. I lost count of the times Kirino called Kyousuke a lolicon...

finalfury 2013-04-27 17:31

that ending and the return of Kyousuke's monologues. I'm satisfied.:D
Kyousuke was the best part of the episode and he was the main reason I bothered to watch the episode. :heh:

Micromancer 2013-04-27 17:42

Ria 'animated' couldnt be this cuteee O////O , and that kirino's last line gave me a doki doki.

Well, the good thing is, at last !!!!! the story begins to move on in a 'siscon'ly track after a while

Soverence 2013-04-27 18:23

That episode was a decent episode, although I honestly found Ria quite annoying but still within a stand-able range. Her crazy antics certainly made things very interesting between the two siblings that is for sure. That cliffhanger though tells me that good stuff should start happening from this point on though which I can't complain about :heh:

Chaos2Frozen 2013-04-27 18:42


Originally Posted by Kanon (Post 4656239)
I can't tell if Ria was cute or annoying. Probably both.

She's a representation of a 'real' imouto so of course she's both.

takai 2013-04-27 19:15

Another great episode. I'm glad they got to the point of where she asked him to be her boyfriend. Next episode should be good.

relentlessflame 2013-04-27 19:16


Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen (Post 4656337)
She's a representation of a 'real' imouto so of course she's both.

Which is why Kyousuke's comment that "I don't want to hear it from you!" (when she said she was giving up on 3D imoutos and sticking with 2D) was so -propos. :heh:

TheDoctor 2013-04-27 19:23

That ending was not what I expected.

Jerseykid 2013-04-27 20:19

I want to see more Kyousuke and ruri interacting

joshuafaramir 2013-04-27 20:49


Now, that was a fun and cute episode. Full of sunshine and flowers. Had me smiling the whole time.

Yye1 2013-04-27 21:13

Ah great episode, particularly enjoyed the SAO figures, though its funny that the character voiced by Kirino's VA was not among the figures

ginger02 2013-04-27 21:45

I never saw season 1, and the first episode I saw of this show was episode 2 of this season. Saw part of 3, so I guess you could say this is my second episode of the show. Not too bad. Something about the show is charming, though I find it hard to handle Kirino. She makes me not really want to watch, but that may be because I don't know her story from season 1.

Ria was cute, though she acted a bit funny for her age. Still made it fun to watch though lol.
The ending didn't really shock me, since Kirino obviously has some plan she needs her brother for.

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