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Pellissier 2013-04-28 01:52

Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties - Episode 4 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties, Episode 4.

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Midonin 2013-04-29 13:10

Isumi and Sakuya are two of my favorites among the side characters. Sakuya's aspiring comedian nature and Isumi's naturally comedic nature (and deadpan style) make them a perfect fit for each other. Their roles kinda decreased as the seasons went on, but if it's only for this week, I'm glad to have them in the spotlight once again. Isumi's half of the episode was wonderful - though Fumi once again stole the show. Kana Asumi at her Nyarko-est, bouncing off Isumi and her mother's weird logic. This is the kind of stuff I love.

Sakuya's half was a little more heartfelt and subdued (and hey, a reference to OOO. It was a Rider reference in Hayate that got me watching it in the first place.), but still funny. I never understood all that much about Chiharu - she was one of those characters who came out of nowhere - but now that she has some context behind her (I'm an anime only watcher here, always have been), I like her a little more. And Nagi's manga continues to be weird. I'm enjoying this season pretty well. It's the closest to the first season I've seen yet, and coming from me, that's a compliment.

I don't know how much I'll have to talk about next week. I'm sure it'll still be entertaining, but not one of my favorite characters.

madmac 2013-04-29 13:40


I don't know how much I'll have to talk about next week. I'm sure it'll still be entertaining, but not one of my favorite characters.
I'm slightly reassured by the fact that they're going back 200 chapters to find a Hina story that's actually pretty good.

Cuties isn't going to set the world on fire, but after the too slow first episode I think Manglobe has found a good pace. They're doing a good job of ignoring continuity in favor of highlighting the best short stories for each character. If it wraps up strong I think I'll be happy with it overall.

Fumi really is getting a lot of spotlight time though, I'm surprised. She's technically appeared (by a matter of seconds) in every season so far but this is the first one where anime watchers get to really pick up on what she's about.

ChampDream 2013-04-29 17:36

Isumi and Sakuya are really a good duo! I didn't realize that Fumi face was a emoticon, the ending was really good too.
so next week is going to be Hina turn, I can wait

Dr. Casey 2013-04-29 20:36

I'm not sure, but I think this episode might be the most adorable thing in the history of ever. I loved the interval thing with Isumi's silly triumphant expressions over the most basic of cell phone skills, and the entire conversations Isumi held with her mother where they both covered their mouth with the cuff of their kimono.

Shadow5YA 2013-05-01 01:11

Anyone have a screenshot of the part where Fumi says "Google it, idiot"?

I intend to make good use of it :heh:

Megacrash Gr 2013-05-01 11:05

Yea Fumi was funny, wasn't expecting her to say that.

Sakuya's part was nice, I like how she got Chiharu to be her maid.

Guido 2013-05-04 21:41

People have weaknesses that some can handle while others not.

Take people whom speak with a Kansai dialect, for example. They can and will never understand nonsensical manga.

Another example will be children coming from onmyouji families. Children from those families nowadays cannot understand how to use smartphones.:heh:

That's how there's a need and demand for maids, as long as the parent or legal guardian holds a meaningful selection criteria to hire them.:heh:

trinitem 2013-05-05 15:36

Portions of this ep's ed reminded me of GTO ed 1.

Commentary for this episode though.... Nothing really out of the water on this one. Not a bad episode, but I guess this is roughly what's expected from Hayate for the most part.

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