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vl86 2004-04-18 16:57

need help connecting a computer to a television
hi i am rather quite intrested in connecting my computer to the television so i can just sit on bed and watch it, but the problem is i have no idea how to connect it..

does anyone have a link that can explain how to do this or help me?
the back of my video card slot thing has an opening for a S-Video Output and the standard monitor output, but on the back of my television it has no S-Video Output probably because it is too old but there is a video input, audio output, and monitor output, but the S-video output does not even remotely resemble any of the latter outputs.

Any help would be nice
and i was also wondering does the quality drop dramatically if i watch anime on the tv?
and if there is such a hybrid cable how much would it cost o.O?

Worldestroyer 2004-04-18 17:53

OK...... i'm bored enough to answer you. Go to radio shack or any other eletronics store and tell them what your trying to do. There done. (you need a s-video to RCA converter, and a RCA wire.) this is only for video.. i don't know what your going to do for audio. It would cost something like 15$, and quality will go down, if you don't have a hardware interlacing video-out videocard.

Wandering_Youth 2004-04-18 19:48

Wrong place to post this, but I will try to help. What kind of graphic card do you have and does the graphic card have video output? Depending on the graphic card, you either might or might not have video output and if it does have video output then what kind of output is it? Is it S-Video or analog? Once you have figure what video output your card uses then just go buy the proper video cable and connect your computer to the TV. Oh yeah you might have to mess with your graphic card settings a little to be able to display video from your computer to the TV.

Raven_Zero 2004-04-18 20:12

I have my video card hooked into my tv. It also has an S-video output. There should have been a S-video to A/V adaptor with your vid card if not you can buy one pretty cheap. For sound goto radio shack and get a mini jack to RCA adaptor, plug the mini jack adaptor into the spare audio out on your video card if it dont have a spare use the headphone out then just run them connections into your tv. If your tv don't have A/V in your gunna need to add a step, go back to radio shack or whatever store you have and get a RF Modulator, plug the Video (S-vid if you buy a Modulator with S-vid inputs) and audio RCA cables into this then hook up a coaxial cable to your tv. Also if you go with the RF Modulator you wont need to buy an adaptor for your video card as you can buy a RF Modulator with S-Vid input. After you get all that done your gunna need to adjust the tv display, my vid card defaults to overscan which cuts of subs, just shrink the vertical then move it up some, you'll end up with a small amount of black space at the bottom (i have about 1/8") also run your tv and monitor at the same res or it wont work right, Atleast it dont for me. if you run like 1024X768 on the monitor and 80x600 on the tv you will get a pan thing going on. i run 1024x768 on both, I have a hot key to switch to the tv setup as i like to run a 2800x1024 res on my computer. This setup works nice i use a RF Modulator cause i run it to the tv in my living room from my comp in the bedroom and buying 75 feet of coaxial is a lot cheaper then 75 feet of A/V cables. Not to mention signal loss.
Also here are some links to things you might need
RF Modulator
Mini jakc splitter

hobobaggins 2004-04-19 13:01

thanks for the info... ... but does the anime really look "bettter" on a screen?

i suppose it just looked bad for me cuz i was using a 16' by 9' screen and watching "vandread", which was 9 episodes/cd.

i guess i will retry this...

you know how much of a difference a videocard makes? it is only video after all ( laptop vs. desktop)

kj1980 2004-04-19 13:43

Any of the following:

A. VGA to S-Video/composite converter (if your computer has a VGA-out only and your TV has S-Video/composite in)
B. S-video/composite direct connection (if your computer has S-video/composite out and your TV has S-video/composite in)
C. DVI to DVI. (if your computer has DVI-out and a DVI-in on your TV)

But the best bet would be asking some person in your local electronics store. Make sure you tell them what you want to do, and bring a picture of the back of your PC and the back of your TV so the salesperson knows which connection might be the best option for you.

chris 2004-04-19 19:38

damn u guys got to this post b4 me, anyways i use to have the tv hooked up to the computer and i found it was a pain more then anything, the wireless keyboard and mouse batteries would be low all the time and i had to use a rf modulator(sp?) and a composit to svid converter(damn that thing was expencive) anyways it was fun for the first couple of weeks then i didnt bother using it anymore. not to discurage you but it is good if u dont have a dvd burner like i do and want to be able to wach with friends, anyways have fun with theis project of urs!

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