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diane256 2013-04-28 04:06

Looking for a good comedy series and one old series
So any recommendations on a good comedy series i can watch.

I really like school rumble and even found one anime where a girl became some guys hand(don't remember the title but i think it was midori days)

As for the older series: I started watching it long ago then i had to stop.. now i cannot remember the name of it.

I know it was set in high school. with a boy and a girl(like that narrows it down) however the guy was stopping people who murdered other people.

i remember one episode where a girl killed a college professor by having him stand at the bottom a theater like classroom where the oxygen had been replaced with another gas.

There was also another episode where the guy used the girl to throw a key to him from a train(thus preventing his death)

if you watch this video clip:
at the 35 second mark to about the 37 second mark it shows the anime.

And yes i know i am scraping here

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2013-04-28 08:40

The anime in question is Spiral. It's one of my favourite mystery animes. The twists and turns just keep appearing in each episode, and the protagonist is quite unlike other anime protagonists. He is dependable, mature, intelligent, and rational. Well, perhaps a little dense in the romance aspect, but then again, romance is never a strong feature in Spiral.

As for good comedy series, try Ranma 1/2, Minami-ke, Level E, Gintama and Sket Dance.

diane256 2013-04-28 14:29

Wow! thanks!

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