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Garr 2013-06-11 10:27

Fanart Review Request
Can somebody in this forum please review my fanart?

Medium: Microsoft Paint

Fanart Subject: Valkyria Chronicles

Fanart #1: Corporal Isara Gunther

Fanart #2: Edelweiss

Triple_R 2013-06-11 12:02

Well, I love your tank! Great job on the tank. :)

As for your Corporal Isara Gunther, it makes me wonder if you work for CLAMP. :heh:

In other words, those legs are rather long. Still, very solid work aside from that.

Garr 2013-06-12 04:45

Thank you for your feedback. I will try to work on making the length of the legs in better proportion with the rest of the body in my next fanart. But I suspect the legs look long because the image is too large, why not take a look at this zoomed out version of the image and tell me if the legs are still too long.

Assort Dis 2013-06-12 21:10

It still looks quite long to me :heh:

I think the area from her knees down, including the feet, is a bit too long. It should be equal or just a little bit longer than her thigh.

And I agree that your tank is really well done :)

Triple_R 2013-06-12 23:43

My suggestion: Cut the boots length in half. Leave everything else the same. Then you'd have just about flawless anatomy. Really, your leg length is the only issue. Really, you should be proud of your work. :)

RobotCat 2013-06-13 00:13

I think the leg/arm lengths would be fine if you went Bayonetta/Clamp style proportions, where the torso is also longer. With the way you currently have it, the upper body seems pretty normal proportioned but her legs are just way longer. You can make it work by stretching the upper body a bit and also giving her a longer neck.

Garr 2013-06-13 06:54

Here is a modified version of the image with the lower legs shortened to the same length as the thighs. Is this better now? Please tell me what you think.

Ryonea 2013-06-13 20:27

Definitely better IMO. :)
Normally, the proportions between the body, thighs, legs and arms are more or less the same length (only minor variations), but of course this is depending on the style too.

Garr 2013-06-13 22:11

Thank you.

Garr 2013-06-22 03:15

In the last modification I made to Isara's leg length, I may have made the legs a little too short because when I look at the image from a zoomed out perspective, this is the impression it gives me so I made the legs slightly longer to compensate. Does this now look better than the first modified image?

New image at full size:

New image at a zoomed out perspective:

All images from the first image to the last one zoomed out and side by side for comparison:

Ryonea 2013-06-26 08:44

Personally, I think the leg length of the first edited image is just fine. It doesn't look too short and feels just right.
But the newer edited image is also fine IMO.. it's still on the range of normal proportion to me (the length of the legs in manga style drawing is about the same / a bit longer compared to body length).

So I think it's up to you since both looks alright to me. :)

Garr 2013-06-26 19:59

Okay, thank you for the advice. I am actually going to be posting more fan art here in the future, just stay subscribed to my thread.

Garr 2013-10-29 11:21

Here are some more fanart.

These 3 are for the Gundam Series:

This one is for Transformers:

These two are for Rayearth:

This one is the Nazi Panzer Faust tank that I originally drew which I modified into the Edelweiss by removing the swastika and replacing it with the Gallian national flag from Valkyria Chronicles:

agoodcupoftea 2014-06-22 14:13

I hope you come back here. You're not actually getting help from this other person, just platitudes.

Head is too flat on top, arm/torso gap shouldn't be there if arms are down, neck is too short.

Your shadowing is also throwing me off. She seems as if she is submerged from behind in light. The clolours are also flat (I have baaad probs w colouring myself). Overall, she seems flat. I don't feel as if I could reach out and hold her and there would be substance there.

as an aspiring comic book artist who got the "brilliant" idea to go to college for Behavioural Science (I could be making some money in politically pointed webcomics, but nooo, I had to have delusions about fixing the world...)

Anyway, a good tip is to just look at people. just look at people. Maybe model poses for yourself.

Also, try to find your own style. Even within the manga framework, Tezuka, Takei H., and Kubo's work do not look alike; they just share thematic elements.

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