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Gintokifan22 2013-06-15 05:05

Any anime like To Aru Majutsu no Index?
I've gotten into the series so much and am looking for an anime some thing like that..

-Good action/battles
-school life outside of that
-Fun main characters
-Some romance, small even I don't mind.

Thanks, been looking for one like that for a while now and can't seem to have any luck :(

Kotohono 2013-06-15 06:42

I'd suggest highly Shakugan no Shana and it's 3.2 seasons. As it has all the elements you're looking for and is debatably the reason this combination of genres became popular.

And Accel World, though the fighting technically takes place in a virtual world, it still manages to pull off really excellent battles, imo. And also has the other elements you want.

kitten320 2013-06-15 12:52

Ao no Exorcist - nice action, school life, fun chara, romance level similar to Index.

Busou Renkin - more serious series with better developed romance.

Fullmetal Alchemist - not school life but has everything you want. Brotherhood probably will be more to your liking.

Full Metal Panic - if you don't mind mecha. Fumoffu os great comedy with some action bits.

Ga-Rei Zero if you don't mind something more serious and dramatic and female as MC. School life, some nice battles, Yomi is a very memorable MC.

Hunter x Hunter - not school life but something you could definitely enjoy. The new 2011 version could be more to your liking but you can try old one too.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - didn't like it but could fit your taste too since it has school life, quiet fun battles and... well MC is debatable. You could like him.

Mai-HiME - if you don't mind females doing most of the fighting. Good mix of comedy and drama. Nice action and some very memorable characters.

Soul Eater - could work.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun - side series of Index that mostly focus on Misaka if you haven't seen them yet.

Gintokifan22 2013-06-15 19:31

I've seen some of those suggestions and I did love Hitman Reborn myselfXD
Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll try them.

SeijiSensei 2013-06-15 20:13

Even though it doesn't take place in a school setting, nor indeed in modern times, I'm going to suggest Oh! Edo Rocket. It does include the other items on your list.

Tenzen12 2013-06-17 09:18

Rental Magica: when (almost) normal school student inherit small company of magicians for hire and become it's director.

Ichiban Ushiro Daimao Main protagonist want become pope and do good for world but prophecy label him as future Dark Lord and completely screw his school live.

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