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FreedomFighterGunboy 2013-06-18 00:47

Painted Models
I'd just like to share my painted model kits. You can read about them on my blog:
Here are a few:
HGUC Jesta
HG AGE-1 Normal
MG 00 Qan[t]

Hoped you liked them and if you have some of your own, I'd like to see them.

RobotCat 2013-06-23 21:03

Oh these are AWESOME.

I especially like the battle damaged one.

Endless Soul 2013-06-25 21:54

Very cool pics FFG.

So, like any painted models, or just Gundam?

Endless "Modeler" Soul

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2013-06-25 22:26


Originally Posted by Endless Soul (Post 4736949)
So, like any painted models, or just Gundam?

Might as well use this thread to share and discuss about any models ;). The Gundam Model thread is already enough to discuss about gunplas as it is.

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