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Kairin 2013-06-28 23:21

Attack on Titan - Episode 13 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Attack on Titan, Episode 13.

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darklegends8 2013-06-29 03:42

The wait is killing me, I hope this was worth the build up

aohige 2013-06-29 12:40

Wow. Intense episode.

Flolan 2013-06-29 12:44

Wha-what is this... madness... i cant believe... we actually got a really good episode. :bow:

darklegends8 2013-06-29 14:44

Gah I can't watch it raw

serenade_beta 2013-06-29 14:56

It's great the episode finally FINALLY advanced the story, but damn, the staff needs to rest. And they will next episode.
But man, 3 minutes! I didn't think the opener would reach 3 minutes for a while, but 1 minute longer from the previous episode. On top of that, the OP adds on, so the first 5 minutes can be skipped with no demerit.
And now inside the episode, there are scenes where the animators skipped animating certain parts (like around 7:00 Jan or Ani's close-up), which makes those scenes considerably harder to understand.

But anyways, at least the story advanced. No surprises though, just death death death dying and hole in the wall.

desrtsku 2013-06-29 14:59

Quite strange, we got unfinished frames for the 13.5 preview. Does that mean they're re-animating some scenes for the recap?
Oh, since the next episode is 13.5 instead of 14, I guess it means we'll still have 25 episodes of the actual thing.

LuxorMG 2013-06-29 16:30

Man, that was more intense than I imagined.

Spoiler for 13:

Chiaki_chan 2013-06-29 17:18

so next episode is recap episode? :x

aohige 2013-06-29 17:41


Originally Posted by LuxorMG (Post 4741928)
Man, that was more intense than I imagined.

Spoiler for 13:

She was creepy as hell in the manga, but I gave a benefit of a doubt that maybe it's just the way she naturally looks.
Then came the anime, still looking like a psycho-maniac.

So um

She's just creepy. :heh:

VTHokiePride 2013-06-29 19:07

Finally, the action scenes come in and the Recon Corps. showed up, too. Who was Annie mourning for? I've never seen her show any emotion. A shame Marco didn't survive. He was the reason Jean became determined to fight.

jeroz 2013-06-29 19:15

Well, you see the corpse being intact except the part that is off screen: the top of the head.

Think back the only person she might knows that has half of the head bitten off, is my lovely Mina...

ustatsu 2013-06-29 19:57

Anyone else here who had some frame dips in this episode? Just a bad rip or WIT?

Valentinetwin 2013-06-29 20:40

Aside from the really long recap, really exciting episode.

I'd like to know who Annie was apologizing/mourning for.

Iron Maw 2013-06-29 20:45

Man I'm gonna miss the OP and ED. :(


Originally Posted by aohige (Post 4741752)
Wow. Intense episode.


Originally Posted by LuxorMG (Post 4741928)
Man, that was more intense than I imagined.

This, it was pretty damn crazy and awesome.

2-3 min recap aside (which you can just skip anyway) the whole episode was very satifying start to finish. Everything went up a notch here in general production-wise. You can definitely tell the studio buliding up to this. There was lot's surprising developments like Marco's death and the massive causalities (practically over 200 soldiers died and 900 wounded). Levi's Big Damn Heroes was also unexpected and very nice. That said it looks like Eren isn't out of woods yet in terms trust thanks to his Titan form going berserk. Sadly we won't see how that plays out for two weeks. :(

yankky5 2013-06-29 20:50

Whoever said that episode 13 was going to be a shitty episode should be biting their tongue right about now. :D

anyway 209 killed or missing and around 900 wounded..... for a town that big I'd say thats around a omaha beach figure death per area or less :P

Anyway gotta appreciate the art work scenes, like that medical officer who was with jean making those eyes that seen every type of death just spectacular though the down side is we have another ost that isnt part of the list that has been realeased!!! Actually I dont know If thats good or bad thing....

GreyZone 2013-06-29 20:53

What I liked this episode was that Eren, when he woke up in the basement, didn't freak out like the typical protagonist would, screaming "Let me out, why are you holding me in here?". Eren understood his situation well and simply asked "where is this?" and then honestly talked about his intentions. If I look at the other animes this season.... everything just TOO typical. Even Valvrave, that is being so prized, fails with its protagonist (for the first season at least).

Now we'll have to wait for recap EP and maybe, just MAYBE after the recap episode, the production team can finally make episodes without repeating the last 3 mins of the former episode...

Student no.0 2013-06-29 20:57

Story advancing. Great. I noticed myself grinning throughout this episode when Eren finally got that boulder in its place. Recap episode is coming next week so I can just skip it anyway.

backbone 2013-06-29 21:03

Badass episode.

Finally, the long wait for the last couple of weeks paid off. The story advanced, the action scenes were freaking awesome, and all the gore and horror followed suit.

And what else impresses me the most? How the author mercilessly slaughter some characters which have been really important in the last couple of episodes, so this show won't be another Bleach or One Piece with their retardedly huge set of characters.

And i find it kinda hilarious that Titans can actually poop

yankky5 2013-06-29 21:06

IMO valvrave Is shitty if it were ever compared to meat mech here :p anyway whats up with those many still shots of Annie

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