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miroku2192 2013-06-30 10:25

Help with monitor suggestions/ dual monitor setup
Hey guys, so I was interested maybe in this monitor:

or this one:

These are both good sizes for me to have "two" on my desk. I was wondering, if I wanted to connect these two monitors together to my work laptop, do I need to check something? Like compatibility?

And what do I need to buy to connect those two monitors together so that I can hook it up with the laptop? Is it possible to have the laptop in a "closed" state, but still running on the two monitors with an external mouse and keyboard?

Thanks, I'm really not too tech savvy, so a little confused here about what it is that I need to check to make sure I can actually run the dual monitor setup efficiently/properly.

And if you guys have better suggestions for dual monitor setups (like which monitor you'd recommend) please let me know as well! I plan on to mainly use this for work, with a very occasional gaming thrown in here and there, but mainly for work (Excel work, etc.)

Thanks again guys!

miroku2192 2013-06-30 12:19

And is this the guy i need to connect it to my laptop:

sa547 2013-06-30 14:35


Originally Posted by miroku2192 (Post 4743012)
And is this the guy i need to connect it to my laptop:

Reading closely, it says that for gaming it would be best to use the primary display, because this USB adapter is intended for general usage.

Performance Legend:

Best (USB 3.0): Video Playback, Fullscreen Full HD (1080p)
Best: Video Playback, Fullscreen HD (720p)
Better: Internet browsing, Flash, YouTube Fullscreen
Good: Word processing, spreadsheets, simple internet browsing

*Note: These Products are not intended to be used for 3D game

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