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Kairin 2013-07-05 23:02

High School DxD NEW - Episode 1 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for High School DxD NEW, Episode 1.

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Om Nerabdator 2013-07-06 21:31

any eta till the first ep?

n0m@n 2013-07-06 22:08

I think its supposed to air at 8pm(Japanese time at AT-X) on Sunday or something.

mangatron 2013-07-06 23:27

I hope Rias has a shower scene. She needs to shower once an ep for the first 3 eps, they have to follow tradition! :heh:

CrowKenobi 2013-07-07 00:24


Originally Posted by n0m@n (Post 4749843)
I think its supposed to air at 8pm(Japanese time at AT-X) on Sunday or something.

8:30 pm Sundays on AT-X. ;)

A useful resource

Marina2 2013-07-07 01:17

8:30 pm !!!!!?

That's the most earliest airtime I have seen for a "late night" anime

II Maestro 2013-07-07 01:38

Finally~! something to look forward to.

n0m@n 2013-07-07 06:22


Originally Posted by CrowKenobi (Post 4749968)
8:30 pm Sundays on AT-X. ;)

A useful resource

Wow, nice.
Never knew there was such a convenient site.
And the first episode is going to start now huh.....

DXMichael 2013-07-07 06:55

It's almost time =D

I'm gonna have to be quick on the draw when it comes to signature and avatar requests...there are foes far superior to me that pounce on the opportunity :p

Avaricia 2013-07-07 06:56

Spoiler for Ep. 1:

II Maestro 2013-07-07 07:35


Yes episode 1 is out, My lonely days are over.

Deltaray 2013-07-07 07:42

Highlight of episode was the clock.

NoemiChan 2013-07-07 08:18

Waiting to be sub....darn

Kirihara_R 2013-07-07 08:44

well its only the 1st episode , maybe its just me but i think there's something wrong or missing ...

Newhope 2013-07-07 09:52

Good start, voices for xenovia and Irina really suited them.

belatkuro 2013-07-07 10:21

I'll just get this out of the way and say that the ED was disappointing. Sure it's hard to surpass that godlike ED from season 1 but this was underwhelming. I didn't like the art they used even though all the girls were naked. Oh well.

MisaoFan 2013-07-07 10:48

Spoiler for Episode 1:

backbone 2013-07-07 10:50

Just watched the chinese fansub.
Spoiler for Ep 1:

still a bit conflicted whether gonna continue watching or not.

[mod edit: moved question to the Q&A thread]

Chris38 2013-07-07 11:56

Well, I would say that the start of the second season of the anime... is pretty good.

Of course,some things could have been done differently, but so far nothing happened, that made me cry in outrage ... or do something similar to that.

I like the OP ... and, well... I hope that they will continue the good work, in the future episodes. :)

Yui Is My Wife 2013-07-07 12:12

Have not seen the actual Episode yet, but having seen the Opening and The Ending.

The Opening's song is an improvement on the First Season's "Innocent of D", though the animation on the other hand is far more restrained in style.

And I Knew It; The Show-Stopping Pole-Dancing Sequence of StudyXStudy is such a classic that it became an impossible act to top; so the Director didn't even try to top it. Ho hum, boring generic pan across a sea of nake bodies, NEXT PLEASE WITH CREATIVITY AND ORIGINALITY, THANK YOU!! :mad::frustrated:

I still got to hand credit where it's due; the second half with our disrobed heroines flying across the screen is beautiful; and the deliberate use of watercolor style was strongly reminiscent of the Ending Credits sequence from El-Hazard the Magnificent World, and their nakedness in this context was more pure-and-beautiful rather than carnal and erotic.

Still, will miss the Pole-Dance very very much. :(

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