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relentlessflame 2013-07-05 23:39

About this sub-forum
This sub-forum is using an experimental new structure where there is a separate sub-forum for all novel-related discussion. Threads in the main section should generally avoid all novel references, while all novel-related threads are in the novel sub-forum. This includes both Anime Spoiler & Speculation and Weekly Anime Episode-to-Novel Comparison.

Limited spoilers are permitted in Character Discussion threads provided that they are clearly-marked and properly-labelled (see more information about that below).

Images that contain characters and situations not-yet-animated are permitted in the Image Thread behind properly-labelled spoiler tags, so long as the image itself does not spoil the story, and any potential spoiler is not discussed in the Image Thread (more on that below as well).

For more information, please read the Spoiler Policy.

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