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Vornim 2013-07-14 19:14

[Request] Need some specific characters
I've got this scavenger hunt for you, hehe. I'm planning on making a fan-made drawing of many different characters, and it would be very much appreciated to have some images to work off of. I've got some characters that have some pretty specific characteristics, and I was wondering if they can be matched with an image of an already created character, or at least come close to it. Anything is helpful, really it is, and thanks for helping!

1) A girl with silver hair with a band over her eyes to keep people from seeing her blind eyes. Usually angry.
2) A monk that no one really knows about, his face is kept secret (any face can work I guess)
3) An isolated girl with black hair that usually stays away from people.
4) A guy who is always sad and depressed and makes everyone around him feel the same way.
5) A small boy who is really intelligent and wise, has white hair and looks about 6 years old.
6) A guy with lightning blue hair and a high spirited personality, has a long jawline.
7) A girl with sorta long hair with freckles, and has a windy personality (if that makes any sense)
8) A small boy who is obsessed with cookies and ice cream, and loves to be funny.
9) A girl with brown hair who is on the girly side, and has a motherly attitude.
10) A girl who is a natural fighter, loves to have flame wars with people.
11) A guy who is completely emotionless.
12) Another guy who is something you'd see if you thought of a sad guy in the rain.
13) A demon, almost like the grim reaper.
14) A guy with messy black hair and is a bit of a perv.
15) A guy with brown hair and blue eyes, his hair is messy but neat at the same time.

I would highly appreciate any matches or close-matches to any of these characters so that I can work off of them to draw this picture. Thank you!

Sackett 2013-07-15 08:40

Well, just off the top on my head:

3) Tomoko from Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!
4) Piro from Megatokyo
6) Seishiro from Shiki
7) Megumi from Martian Successor Nadesico could be described as "breezy." Not sure if that's what you meant by "windy." Other characters with freckles and long hair are: Hikari from Evangelion. YunYun from Caanon. Montmorency from Familiar of Zero. Ginny Weasley from the anime version of Harry Potter.
9) Kasumi Tendo from Ranma 1/2. Also Belldandy from Ah My Goddess.
10) Asuka Langley from Evangelion of course. She's the page image for Fiery Redhead.
11) Oji Karasuma from School Rumble.
12) Piro from Megatokyo again. Or mayeb the protagonist from 5 centimeters per second.
13) There's Haqua from The World God Only Knows. Or Death from Soul Eater.

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