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Tima 2004-04-20 23:22

Super Doll Licca Chan
I couldn't find a discription of this anime on and I was wondering if somone that has seen it could tell me a little bit about it.

TronDD 2004-04-20 23:30

Well it's on there:,3...doll_licc.html

Sounds like a real winner. :)

Tima 2004-04-20 23:55

:hmm: Wasn't up there before. I'll just have to start checking back on the ones that don't have a description for them. Thanks TronDD :)

A Lamer 2004-04-21 00:03


Originally Posted by TronDD
Sounds like a real winner. :)

sounds like another sailor moon ripoff :uhoh:

suires 2004-04-21 01:04

Isn't this series already licensed like long time ago? :confused:

Perdita 2004-04-21 01:57

If it were, I don't know about it. I checked a couple lists of licensed anime, and it's not on there.

It's not just another Sailor Moon ripoff. Yes, I've watched Sailor Moon (I grew up on it, in fact). Pretty much the only thing this series has in common with Sailor Moon is that it's mahou shoujo. :nono:

kuru 2004-04-21 06:56


Originally Posted by Perdita
If it were, I don't know about it. I checked a couple lists of licensed anime, and it's not on there.

It's not just another Sailor Moon ripoff. Yes, I've watched Sailor Moon (I grew up on it, in fact). Pretty much the only thing this series has in common with Sailor Moon is that it's mahou shoujo. :nono:

It's incredible how people think any mahou shoujo is a Sailor Moon ripoff. Guys, Sailor Moon started decades after the first mahou shoujo anime (that was Mahou Tsukai Sally, in the sixties). Check for many other shows that existed before Sailor Moon.

If Sailor Moon was a first, it was in combining mahou shoujo elements with sentai elements (borrowed from Japanese sentai live-action shows - Power Rangers is an example of sentai is). BTW, Licca-chan is a much more traditional mahou shoujo anime than Sailor Moon.

Licca-chan is licensed in several countries (like all or almost all of Latin American, where it was broadcasted in Portuguese/Spanish in the Cartoon Newtork one or two years ago). But it isn't licensed in the USA.

Perdita, as I seen to remember your names from the anime-faith credits, please check the "Fantasy Civilization" thing. What they say is "Fantoche" (a word that exists in Portuguese/Spanish/French spelled the same exact way). A "fantoche" is a kind of doll (a kind of marionette) what explains why the name is used.

About animenfo. It's an extremely poor source of information. A google search will bring much more information....

Ayanami9870 2004-04-21 16:06

Yes... the animenfo 4.0/10 isn't exactly representative of the entire 52 episodes. This was what we found on google instead:

You'll have to pardon us for the visual quality because we are dealing with old TV broadcast raws from 1998, but our encoder loves doing this.

One thing about "Fantasy culture." The translation comes from the original word "Fantashii Bunmei" (文明) The kanji for bunmei in japanese can mean either civilization -or- culture. For perdita, it was a 50/50 decision. In fact, it is less ambiguous in Chinese, where we have a very clear distinction between 文族 (civilization) and 文化 (culture).

So in short, we were either going with one or the other. We didn't have much to work with since we lack translators, so we picked door number 2, and it looks like door number 1 was the real deal instead. But based on the "Fantoche" use in Spanish you mentioned, we might switch back ro Fantasy Civilization, since Licca is from a Doll Kingdom after all. The final decision will be based on the editor though, so it's not me.

For anybody who is severely turned off by the age and the obscurity of the show from the first episode, don't. True, the show is 6 years old, and a little hokey, but it 's a mahou shoujo anime and according to perdita, it gets a lot better as they have more fights and all the characters come into play. It doesn't go 52 episodes in Japan without a good reason.

We're still getting raws for this show, so don't worry about it :)

P.S For Hunter x Hunter, our translator is currently busy along with the most of us taking final exams. We thank you for your patience while we get through our stressful exam periods.

mayukhers112 2004-04-21 16:16

Kuru is right, it's being broadcast (along with other Mahou Shoujos Sailor Moon, CCS, and Corrector Yui) on Cartoon Network in Latin America. But, Anyway, I really liked this show when I saw the first ep about a year ago, but, then again, I like anything mahou shoujo....

Perdita 2004-04-21 16:43

The episode didn't give me very many hints on what word to use. The closest thing to a hint that I got was the long sign outside the museum, but that didn't have any of those words...


Yes, the series gets better. Trust me . :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

- Perdita

- Correction : the museum sign almost had it. Ughuuu~....

ParadoxHeart 2004-04-21 16:50

Thank you for the information Kuru. Anything that helps us do a better job is definitely appreciated. *whispers into Kuru's ear* Influx, not Faith...


Originally Posted by A Lamer
sounds like another sailor moon ripoff :uhoh:

I would agree that this show isn't going to be to everyone's taste, as it was after all aimed at younger girls, but I think that to write it off as just a Sailor Moon rip off is silly. This show is about as much a copy of Sailor Moon as Hellsing is a copy of Blood - The Last Vampire. Just because they share a common theme doesn't make one of them a rip off, or do you think that all music in a particular genre is just a rip off the piece that started the genre too?

I've certainly enjoyed my work on it so far, and I hope that people will enjoy watching it.

Shenlong 2004-04-21 17:00

I remember reading about this series in animerica a looong time ago. The reviews were positive and I'm curious to see how a little girl is suppose to fight with yoyos

tsurumaru 2004-04-21 18:56

Hmm, everytime I see that title I think:

"A super powered girl who likes licking dolls????"

:heh: :heh: :p

Obviously seen way too much hentai

Perdita 2004-04-21 19:54


Yes, you have seen too much hentai. Shame on you!


- Perdita

Lina Inverse 2004-04-21 21:02

You are so wrong there... there is no such thing as "too much hentai"! :D

Perdita 2004-04-21 23:43

But seriously....

I sent the file to a friend of mine, and the first question I got from him when I got back to my apartment was "is this hentai?"

I told him no; it wasn't hentai, and I wouldn't be working on it if it were hentai.

I could see how people can mistake it for hentai, though, without actually watching it.

- Perdita

Keitaro 2004-04-22 01:26

Ah ok... enuff talk of hentai :heh:, What do u guys think of it. Is it worth a download?

Perdita 2004-04-22 11:44

Well, I may be a bit biased (since I worked on it), but I think it's well worth it. Of course, if you find it not to your liking, the "delete" command can help you here. ;)

Ayanami9870 2004-04-22 13:07

You can't really tell if it's worth downloading right from episode 1 ... like I said, it still has a can of whoopass suppsedly ready to open. One down, 51 more episodes to go. You might wanna stick around for it and give perdi-chan the benefit of the doubt for a bit. We haven't been watching the raws as much as her.

As for bias, that's nothing a Hello Kitty Vibrator can't fix :)

Suikun 2004-04-22 15:13

I loved it! Of course, this type of anime is what I live for; the English dub of Sailor Moon first hooked me on anime back when I was 12 and I've pretty much ate any shojou anime right up ever since, so I may not have the most impartial opinion. Regardless, I thought it was pretty fun to watch and I absolutely can't wait for more! Thanks for subtitling this, A-Flux; I'd have never seen or heard of it otherwise.

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