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amasposu 2013-07-27 03:29

Aomiyuku Yuki

Name: Aomiyuku Yuki
Associated Names: 青みゆく雪, Aomi Yuku Yuki
Author: Unita Yumi

Unita Yumi is the mangaka who wrote Usagi Drop.


From Mangahelpers:

Sei is a Chinese student, studying in Japan. He stays at an apartment building near the college, which is full of students. One of the residents is a Japanese girl named Yukiko, who he really likes. It often seems that she likes him, too, but he has a hard time reading her signals. Cultural and language misunderstandings crop up between them, and Sei often ends up saying or doing exactly the wrong thing. Will he be able to win Yukiko's heart?

blade82 2013-07-27 06:55

i dont know why but when i saw the guy on the cover, the fact that he's chinese and his name (Sei) all of it reminds me of Hei from Darker than Black when he lived with all the foreigners

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