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Klashikari 2013-08-29 12:03

Danganronpa - Episode 9 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Danganronpa, Episode 9.

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Solitaired 2013-08-29 13:09

I'll cry here first before watching the episode

MisaoFan 2013-08-29 13:12

Spoiler for Episode 9:

White Manju Bun 2013-08-29 13:17


Spoiler for Epi 9:

Marina2 2013-08-29 14:30

Look like Case 4 Class Trial get the Best adaptation award.

Solitaired 2013-08-29 16:48


Originally Posted by Marina2 (Post 4811304)
Look like Case 4 Class Trial get the Best adaptation award.

Fully agreed. Though they can add in the part where Hagakure screams out that he's the culprit nonstop. His only brave and outstanding moment, pity...

Didn't expect them to cut out the full latter half of the investigation though. And I would prefer showing some more of the next chapter for a much better climax.

Klashikari 2013-08-29 16:49

I can't say I'm fine saying so, but they literally didn't try for the investigation, lasting 45 seconds top... I guess it doesn't even matter to them anymore, since they kept the OP twice a row for the trial eps.
But really, the directing is getting worse over the episodes, with even the soundtrack used in a very odd fashion (Discussion -HEAT UP- used right from the get go just doesn't work great as an intro BGM...).

But I think the adaptation was at its worst for the trial... although it wasn't too shabby for the feelings right there.
But suffice to say, the trial rolled in a -complete different fashion-.

Spoiler for Missing Parts:

Solitaired 2013-08-29 16:52

^ To me this is the best effort put in to display the emotions of the characters. Although they should emphasize a lot more of how Naegi and gang treat Alter Ego as one of their own, to make his loss feels sadder. Also, switching into the ED and going onto the next chapter immediately after his execution makes his death a little forgettable in my opinion

Klashikari 2013-08-29 18:09

I will admit they did a good job with Aoi's outburst (Saito's performance is once again tremendously powerful) along with Makoto's reactions to it. However, they really failed hard with AE's execution aftermath, making people rather apathetic towards it, especially Makoto who was supposed to be downright pissed off.

But frankly, I don't see the point of the investigations at all, if not only they skip some relevant clues, but also ignore the ones they presented in the anime. I mean, what was the point in showing the glass bottle and the magazine if they weren't used -at all-? Seriously, it begs the question why there is an investigation with obvious "CLUE GET!" if they aren't even used.

You know what's even funnier? The fact not only they kept with the door lock nonsense, but the lock in episode 9 is ABOVE the doorknob. However, in episode 8, it was BELOW the doorknob. Quality check isn't their forte at all, and while it is obvious with the general quality of the series, messing with their own extra detail by themselves is silly at best.

Solitaired 2013-08-30 03:49

Yes, I facepalmed when they still insists that the door is locked while showing that scene with the door. I would rather prefer they retcon it, showing us they admit to their mistakes (few of the Japanese community wrote to the production company about it). Making the door locked and not punishing Naegi either makes the new rule useless or showing that Monokuma did not adhere to his own rules. I am suspecting that this is ONCE again the same move they used as the toolkits to make the later plots more acceptable.

Marina2 2013-08-30 04:08

About the lock, you can just say that:

1. Monobear specially allows it because students have to break into the room for investigation.

2. Monobear only prohibits them from breaking the lock of a room/an area that he doesn't intend to let anyone go in. Therefore, in Sakura case, the room that Sakura is in was already unlocked by Monobear earier when the new floor open so breaking the lock made by Sakura is no problem here.

Klashikari 2013-08-30 06:24

1. That would have make sense if Monokuma made an announcement, which he didn't. The game also insist that Monokuma is really hardass on his rules, unless you find a loophole.

2. No, it doesn't work this way either, otherwise Monokuma would have specified his rules. Otherwise, he would have stated "no one can break a door -I- locked" and so forth.

Adding the lock was completely unecessary, period.
Because of that, and the fact they made Monokuma talk to them through the monitor all the frigging time aside of the trials and incentives, it makes Monokuma incredibly passive and lenient.

AC-Phoenix 2013-08-30 09:41

The door knob stuff is a bit tricky.
First off the lock shouldn't have been there. The game clearly states that the room has no lock.
It also defeats the purpose of the lock Oogami created.
As for the rule break you can explain it with the loophole this rule left:

Thee rule only prohibits you from destroying the door.

So you can get several loopholes out of it:

- It is not forbidden to bypass the lock
- It is not forbidden to damage the door as long as it is not destroyed
- The door's window is not counted as part of it and can thus get destroyed.

Either way the door was never really destroyed or broken down. In fact he damaged the window to be able to open the lock that should not have been there in the first place.
Admittingly pure speculation, though the only way to justify that lock :rolleyes:

Kirito 2013-08-30 13:05

This was a really emotionally well done episode with good amounts of twists and turns that come right at you at interesting ways. Monokuma inadvertently setting up Aoi to nearly kill herself along with the rest of her peers was a "expected" twist in itself due to the fact that she was in a state of grief and sorrow that allowed him to take advantage of her, and in a sense, the whole situation. It's to be expected how he possibly knew of Alter Ego's existence and the role he played, but is there more that he knew, but chose not to disclose it. Who knows, the guy's a troll, but he doesn't really give big info away as long as it suits his interests.

I was displeased with how Alter Ego's execution aftermath. I mean, I was literally crushed when it happened because he's been such a great help despite his short comings. I was expecting Makoto to be really affected by it because he was greatly concerned for his safety, and they promised to leave the academy together. Too bad it won't happen, but I wonder how his death will affect and push him into the direction he needs to go.

I wonder where Kirigiri went while Makoto went to check out the Data Processing Room? The fact that she showed up when Monokuma was question him, made me think "Why isn't he also asking Kyoko where she went?" Made me think, was Makoto used as a blindspot of sorts to check when or how he shows up at times when it's strangely convenient.

So there are a total of 16 students now - Mukuro Ikusaba. So all we know is that person is a "Super High School Level Despair", but I wonder if there are other ways to identify the mystery student that moniker that defines that persons talent or trait. It's safe to say now that assailant who showed up and attacked Makoto pretty much summed up my conclusions and doubts, but I wonder how his/her role will play in this Academy Coliseum.

ChampDream 2013-08-30 18:17

I really like this episode
It have a lot of emotion well show and was really interesting.
is sad how Oogami die to protect her friends and Aoi crying because of her best friend were really emotional.
Alter Ego execution came out of nowhere to me, but I guess it was Monokuma's way to tell them they don't have hope.
Now we know the name of the 16th student and his/her title seem fitting for the situation.

JShaggy 2013-08-30 19:10

Just finished watching the episode, and it was indeed an emotional one. You have to feel bad for Aoi on this one. Losing a friend in Sakura Oogami took a heavy toll on her heart to a point in which Aoi framed others and then wanting the entire class to get punished after reading Sakura's final will, which was switched with a fake one by Monokuma itself.

Originally Posted by Clarami (Post 4812456)
So there are a total of 16 students now - Mukuro Ikusaba. So all we know is that person is a "Super High School Level Despair", but I wonder if there are other ways to identify the mystery student that moniker that defines that persons talent or trait. It's safe to say now that assailant who showed up and attacked Makoto pretty much summed up my conclusions and doubts, but I wonder how his/her role will play in this Academy Coliseum.

It could mean that this Mukuro person is the real puppet master of this story and that Monokuma (whom for some reason reminds me of Jigsaw from the Saw movies) was nothing more than a "co-conspirator" to the overall plot. For whatever reason Mukuro would want everyone to live without hope is something we will likely find out before the series ends.

HandofFate 2013-08-30 22:58

dang, decent episode.
RIP Oogami. Thought that Aoi really was the killer for a sec.

The 'execution' of the laptop was kind of funny. At least it feels no pain...

Even though Togami has been an ass the whole time, for some reason with just a few lines he jumps to badass level. argh rubberband effect.

If Monobear did temper with everyone's bodies and memories, it makes it even more tragic since they really were all friends that knew eachother and ended up killing eachother.

~Yami~ 2013-08-30 23:15

lots of emotion and feels are used in this episode

Aoi's outburst is the best... and Byakuya's confused face also priceless
Sakura is also one of the best character who still maintain her composure even after witnessing so many death and murder
honestly, I still hope Celes will replace Hagakure's place right now. Hagakure did nothing during class trials.. only shouting and screaming.. not deserve to live.. :heh:

the only question left is...... how did Kirigiri know about 16th student's stuff?

Nvis 2013-08-31 01:17


Originally Posted by ~Yami~ (Post 4812977)
the only question left is...... how did Kirigiri know about 16th student's stuff?

I want to know is how she got into Naegi's room?

Sute443 2013-08-31 01:26

Okay, I admit that I was wrong about AE being the mastermind's pawn. Oy, that execution was a shocker. When Monokuma said there would be a special guest, I thought he was going to drag in Sakura's corpse and subject it to an "execution."

And I second the question of how Kirigiri got into Naegi's room.

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