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dot_rain 2003-11-04 02:33

like Love Hina ???
me is looking for other anime which are like Love Hina ?
suggestion plz

Danny Boy 2003-11-04 03:53

In what sense do you mean by "like Love Hina?" If you're looking for love stories involving being in a dormitory, there's Maison Ikkoku and Here is Greenwood, though they're both licensed already. Or are you looking for harem anime (one guy and a bunch of girls)? Tenchi Muyo, perhaps, but that's licensed too, so you may want to try out Maburaho instead. Or perhaps you like LH for its fan service? If so, then try the echi thread in this forum, lots of stuff there. And if you're looking for generic romantic comedies, there are tons of those. I don't even know where to begin. We may need to narrow down your expectations. So, what are you looking for, exactly?

Sesshoumaru 2003-11-04 05:54

One love story I can really recomend is Kimi ga nozomi eien.

samir85 2003-11-06 12:01

Have a try at Ai Yori Aoshi,
I think it's very similiar with Love Hina.
Sadly, it's already licensed.

pantsu 2003-11-07 16:45

i also suggest Ai Yori Aoshi..and it isn't sad that it is liscensed. Pioneer did a good job on it, and they are resonable priced with 5 eps on each disc (except the last which is 4 i believe) over 5 dvd's. Well worth going out and buying it.

also might want to try happy lesson/happy lesson advanced (or w/e it is called) might be liscensed tho..dunno.

samir85 2003-11-08 19:56

Well for those people like me, who don't even have enough money to buy a dvd drive it might be a little sad ;)

Greets Samir :D

Rawphish 2003-11-11 18:52

Well if you are looking for a funny sitcom like comedy about horny ass guys like in an American Pie movie then you can not go wrong with Green Green. Its got some romance in it too.

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