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Fireminer 2013-10-02 12:43

Infinite Stratos 2 - Episode 1 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Infinite Stratos 2, Episode 1.

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AbZeroNow 2013-10-02 14:12

Eagerly looking forward to seeing more Charlotte.

Ichika will likely be as dense as ever though.

ZeroXSEED 2013-10-02 19:29


Originally Posted by AbZeroNow (Post 4854348)
Eagerly looking forward to seeing more Charlotte.


In-joke aside, I'm going to patiently wait and see if the anime made some changes (and by that, for the better).

Setsuna Asuka 2013-10-02 20:07


Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED (Post 4854683)

In-joke aside, I'm going to patiently wait and see if the anime made some changes (and by that, for the better).

Dude don't start, let other people make their own opinions.

Fireminer 2013-10-02 20:16

Finally! But we will have to wait until next week or Sunday for the Sub to come out.

NoemiChan 2013-10-02 20:17

Wait, is this true?!!!!!!! It's out!!!!! My! Best Waited anime this season!!!!!

ZeroXSEED 2013-10-02 23:09

I dunno, if you don't mind quality, fansub of a (relatively) popular anime like this will out in several hours.

(We shouldn't talk about WHICH fansub though :p)

If Houki brought her characterization from the OVA I will be a happy man.

Fireminer 2013-10-02 23:27

Let me guess? Jelly? If you watched Muv-Luv Total Eclipse.

ZeroXSEED 2013-10-03 00:17


You notice that the worst thing Houki did in OVA is giving cold shoulder, only to warm up soon.

That's the CORRECT kind of Tsundere :D

Phoenix6000 2013-10-03 02:06

My official start to Fall begins with IS2. Cannot wait.

Kakurin-san 2013-10-03 02:53

Yay, finally Rin and Houki back on the screen. But damn, I just can't get out of the anime loop. Oreimo during spring and early summer, then SnK, now IS2. Not that it's a bad thing. :D

justpassingby 2013-10-03 12:08

Did Uchiyama and Hyocchi forgot to Ichika and Houki? :heh:.
Actually scratch that. They all had forgotten their voices.

M キターーーー(・∀・)ーーー!!
Tatenashi キターーーー(・∀・)ーーー!!

And they're running. Again. Let's see how many more girls are going to run together gather.
Houki is as beautiful as always.

M's seiyuu is Kayano Ai. Chelsea's is Gotou Mai.
Squall's voice is indeed Hirano Fumi. She appeared a bit in the OP sequence.

Omake. For every week after each episode, official twitter will post an illustration. First one this week is Cecilia by Paseri. [link]

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Yye1 2013-10-03 13:03

Yes, can't wait for it!! CR subs will be out soon

elior 2013-10-03 13:26

this was great episode i love the opening of season 2 more then season 1 opening

blitz1/2 2013-10-03 14:31

NO NATASHA!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! As expected, didn't like Chiwa Saitou's voice for Tatenashi. And that preview.....dat stupid giggling, no offense Saitou-san, but no thanks....>_>

MisaoFan 2013-10-03 15:05

Spoiler for S2 Episode 1:

Kakurin-san 2013-10-03 15:11

Haha, that was fun. Ichika is clueless like always. Laura was pretty cute. An episode with much Laura and Charl. Hope Houki and Rin are getting more screentime the next episode. The preview with the laughing was kind of disturbing...

Ah yes, the scenes at the amusement park that were done in a quick fashion, are they getting expanded in that Long Vacation OVA?

Oh, and am I the only one who thinks Houki sounds a little bit different compared to season 1?

blitz1/2 2013-10-03 15:12


Originally Posted by MisaoFan (Post 4855681)
Spoiler for S2 Episode 1:

No way is that Chifuyu, her bust is way too small! (gets blasted by M)

Kakurin-san 2013-10-03 15:36

Also doubt that it's Chifuyu. That M person had a malicious aura, not like Chifuyu at all.

ImperialFlameGod8190 2013-10-03 15:56

stratos is subbed already haha aint it beautiful

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