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LoweGear 2013-10-03 07:57

HP Laptop and a Blinking Caps Lock Key
I've been experiencing this oddity in my laptop for a while now, where the Caps Lock key will blink every so often for some minutes before going dark as normal. The only info I've googled about blinking caps lock keys on HP laptops are those relating to computers that won't boot - except that in my case, I'm typing this message from this particular HP laptop, which currently has a blinking caps lock key.

Anyone know what's up with that?

SaintessHeart 2013-10-03 23:07

Does the capslock function work?

Most likely it is a damaged capslock LED; if it doesn't boot at times or just trips, it could be a faulty board.

LoweGear 2013-10-04 03:26

Well the Caps Lock function works even if the key is blinking. But given that said blinking is most often associated with an actual problem according to HP, I'm rather paranoid given how new this laptop is (only a couple of months).

SaintessHeart 2013-10-04 06:50

RMA it. Should be a faulty LED or circuit board.

Dhomochevsky 2013-10-05 06:43

If it blinks in constant frequency, then it is not a hardware problem.
At least not with the LED itself.
It may indicate some problem, but what that is supposed to be can only be found in some HP manual I'd say.

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