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Myssa Rei 2013-10-11 22:54

Laptops no longer able to connect to home LAN
This is connected to the previous issue I had posted here. I had to reformat the boot partition, and pretty much reset or reinstall everything that I had on it, including obviously the OS (Windows XP SP 3 in this case). However once I was able to get my DSL up and running again, I've found that none of the laptops I have at home could connect to the LAN anymore, much less see it.

The common message (on the Win 7 laptops anyway) is "Network (#)", No Internet Access.

Kind of at the end of my rope here, so help? I tried manually configuring the TCP/IP4 stuff, but still no go.

Jinto 2013-10-12 06:49

Could you explain tha basic setup of the network?

Is everything connected to a router (wireless or not), or is the reinstalled PC actually the internet access point.

If everything is connected to a router, the devices should have had no problems with connecting.

If they had to use the PC to access the internet, then you need to set it up as such. For this you need to give it a static IP-address on the network adapter that connects with the laptops. The IPs of the laptops must reside in the same subnet as the PC but must not have the exact same IP.
Then you need to allow the PC's internet access to be used by homenetwork devices and everything should work as usual.

Tiberium Wolf 2013-10-12 09:58

Well you said LAN an laptop but I'll ask again. Are you connecting via cable or wireless?

Most of the time the default config should allow cable connections without problems. Now for the wireless there's this annoying thing of updated drivers to detect the wireless signal.

sa547 2013-10-14 13:31

Some laptops I fixed usually came with different types of wireless LAN drivers.

However, it's not unusual to find that some routers do need to be lobotomized... er, power-cycled, and this happens occasionally at home.

If you're using the recent PLDT-supplied wireless router/modem combos, note carefully the model number and make, and try to Google for them; there should be instructions on how to configure, secure and reset these routers. Often at least one of these combo routers gave me full access to advanced settings.

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