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ozgnp 2013-10-12 12:09

License Database Not Updated Recently
The License Database's last update is for August 10, 2013. Is the database no longer supported? I like to keep track of titles that've been licensed, so I'll know which shows will soon lose fansubbing support. A lot depends on who did the licensing for distribution in North America. Some companies don't seem to be interested in shutting fansubs down, while others are becoming very militant.

I like having all the licensed anime listed in one location here at AnimeSuki, because hunting for each individual show through other sources is difficult and time-consuming and often provides next to nothing in details.


TheFluff 2013-10-13 02:24

It's come to the point that it is generally safe to assume that every single new show is licensed.

ozgnp 2013-10-26 10:42

Thank you for the update!
I agree it's becoming all too common that almost all titles are licensed by some distributor or another on North America, even if only to stream them. Many titles never see pressing onto DVDs or Blu-Ray disks, which is a shame when maximum monthly bandwidth use hovers over our heads.

Also, several members of the anime club I belong to are curious about who licensed them and when, and how that company announced what they acquired. I indulge them by compiling a list of the latest for our meetings. Knowing who licensed a title warns us whether or not we'll see a title disappear from fansub pages, and the when gives us a rough guesstimate how soon.

Again, thanks for the many years of providing us fans with so much!

Vexx 2013-10-26 15:19

Yeah, I have to admit I gave up and got a CR membership. The evolution putters along. Still annoyed that "CR" means licensed with no physical product (well, legal product ... "capture capture")

SeijiSensei 2013-10-26 16:07

I just grab the occasional fansub if I want to archive a series while awaiting a physical release. The number of series I actually re-watch is pretty small, and so far nothing I've really cared about has ever left Crunchy's archives, even when there are licensed physical versions available as well. Shows like Haruhi and Madoka are good examples.

speedyexpress48 2013-10-27 01:45


Originally Posted by ozgnp (Post 4867997)
Some companies don't seem to be interested in shutting fansubs down, while others are becoming very militant.

I don't even think this is actually true, save for hentai distributors. Almost no one uses AS for torrents anymore anyways...most people just download fansubs from nyaatorrents or places like that now (which has 99% of the shows in any given season...) So if you aren't finding the fansubs you want...either no one can be bothered to do it or you aren't looking properly.

Funimation does send out cease-and-desist from time to time but it's not very effective. Keep in mind, fansubbing itself has gotten lazier and lazier since CR came out, with fansubbers often copying CR subs rather than actually translating the anime. There are fansubbing groups that drop shows right after licensing, but in the CR era those have mostly disappeared (whats the point if a show is licensed before you even get the raw files...)

kokoroanime 2013-11-03 22:28

I wish I would help listing them. But this License Database can't be dead at all.

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