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zalas 2004-04-23 12:28

I've music fans: why are you fans?
I've noticed a veritable nest of I've music fanboys tucked into all the corners of the Internet. What I'd like to know from them is the following set of questions:
1. What genre I've music do you like? (For example, there's the I've girls (utahime), I've trance, etc) Is there any particular reason you like those genres?
2. What was the main reason you became a fan of I've music?
3. Is there any particular artist you like? (Please do not list 10 artists ^^; Either listing a few or stating you have no real preference would be fine)

As for me:
1. I'm generally a big fan of I've girls, though I sometimes dabble into their electronica/techno trance music. Some of them are quite good (Nuerosciencia (sp?) and Fish Tone) The main reason I've followed a lot of I've girls' songs (no pun intended) was that they showed up in a lot of bishoujo/anime games, so there's the nostalgic value of listening to them.
2. Most of the time, I really like their orchestration of sounds, and how well they mix together. A lot of times, there are these subtle nuances of a song that you don't catch until you listen to it over and over again. It's these subtle nuances, plus the general nicely orchestrated feel of the music that I really like.
3. For I've girls, I know KOTOKO is the fan favorite, but I've found Lia to have such a better singing voice. Her performance in the AIR OP was marvelous. That is not to say that I don't like listening to KOTOKO, but one of the main reasons I still like a lot of her songs is because of the backing music composition, and not really her voice. Being a popular vocalist will often land her some of the better songs. I have, however, noticed that KOTOKO writes a lot of songs, which is a nice change from all those artists who only perform, but do not create music.

Kokushi_Musou 2004-04-23 13:40

Hey zalas.

Anyways here's some answers that might satisfy you.

1. I'm not much into the trance stuff. Never really liked it. I like the more slow stuff with less of that bounciness of trance. A good example would be something like Aozora done by Lia from Air.

2. Serioulsy speaking, I'm not the biggest fan of I've. That's not to say I don't like them. They do have some nice work. That being said I have to say that the reason why I like them is indirect. The insturmentals and doujin or 耳コピー arrangements is what I'm really into. For doujins a good example would be at C65 there was a doujin cd called "re-feel". It had piano arrangements of Aozora, Tori no Shi and other various Air and Kanon songs and was terrific. Also you can find them in midi form and piano sheet on some sites as well. I'm not sure if I've looks over the whole soundtracks of games like Snow, Air or Kanon but they have some of the nicest pieces of music I've ever heard. If they don't do all the work on the soundtracks, let's say I like I've because they are usually associated with the great instrumentals (again not to say I don't like I've).

3. Lia hands down for Aozora (Favourite song of I've if you haven't guessed already) and basically all of the other Air vocals. Ayana for Kaze no Tadori tsuku basho (kanon) and Matsuzawa Yumi for Yuki no Kanata (Snow). Finally Kotoko gets an honourable mention for Face of Fact (even with the Engrishness) and her new album hane. Good stuff.

microlith 2004-04-23 13:47

1. What genre I've music do you like?

I've girls have been mostly what I listen to from them. Not a big fan of trance.

2. What was the main reason you became a fan of I've music?

Onegai Teacher and KANON. Their sound is excellent and they do a wonderful job composing the songs. Can't really say a whole lot more.

3. Is there any particular artist you like?

Too many of them.

KOTOKO is good, but I really like a lot of the songs by the other girls more. As you say, Lia is awesome especially with disintegration and -SHIFT-世代の向こう. Songs with multiple girls doing the vocals are fun too ("You're my Treasure" with KOTOKO, Y. AKI, and RIMMIKA)

While I was in Japan I managed to find Regret, Verge, Outflow, and Disintegration used (which is REALLY FRIGGING HARD) but I never did find their 4th or 6th CDs.

A good site for I've Girls fans:

Zephronite 2004-05-06 05:00

Lament would be the 4th one, I believe.
There isn't a 6th I've Girls Compilation, unless you count Short Circuit.

Marine-RX179 2004-05-06 06:00

If I'm not mistaken....most I've CD are strictly for selling within Japan only.......can anyone tell me if there are other methods of buying them?

microlith 2004-05-06 07:14

They're not strictly for sale within Japan, but they are a very limited distribution unlike most CDs released by major publishers. This is why it's easy to find KOTOKO's new CD on CDJapan (published by geneon) compared to the I've Girls Compilations (which, iirc, were published by Visual Arts.)

AnimeJungle carries a few, but they charge a lot for them.

Yamano667 2004-05-06 10:20

well the CDs are only for japan for few people only



Originally Posted by Marine-RX179
If I'm not mistaken....most I've CD are strictly for selling within Japan only.......can anyone tell me if there are other methods of buying them?

zalas 2004-05-06 18:24


Originally Posted by Yamano667
well the CDs are only for japan for few people only


It's amusing to note that Amazon will not ship I've girls compilation CDs outside of Japan. This is because they're filed under 'Software' and won't export software. Is there just a lot of copy protection on them or something ^^;

microlith 2004-05-07 00:36


well the CDs are only for japan for few people only
IE in-country only, limited-pressing. No one's going to license their stuff for release elsewhere any time soon (sadly.) This is why I grabbed as many as I could find in Japan.


Is there just a lot of copy protection on them or something ^^;
No, none of the various Amazon stores will ship electronics/software/games outside of their respective companies. Why this is I don't know. This is also cause they're published by Visual Arts, and almost all their releases are normally... h-games! (a.k.a. ゲームソフト, 18禁ゲーム etc...)

This is what we have Himeya, AnimeJungle, and NCSX for.

And Amazon does sell CCCDs, in fact they mark the pages when the discs are copy corrupted (get it right here :P ) but they sell them just the same.

Marine-RX179 2004-05-07 04:17

micro, any I've CD you would recommend in particular? Pics of the CD and the names of the CD would be appriciated.....

Question: Do CDJAPAN sell those CD that Amazon don't sell to foreign countries?

Hotaru 2004-05-16 13:49

>> What was the main reason you became a fan of I've music?

Many Guilty Gear XX combo videos use songs from I've and Initial D. I like the I've songs very much and began to trace them down. OMGWTF!!! it's the song for H-games, but who cares. It's much better than anime songs IMO.

Kakashi-Sharingan 2004-05-20 00:45

Naruto music is the best music of all time

zalas 2004-05-20 22:20

Thank you for reviving this thread just to derail it with an off-topic post.
PS: Rocks had about one of the worst musical developments I've ever heard. It has a nice enough arpeggio to start off with, and you feel it kicking up, but then it just leaves you hanging. There's no actual crescendo, no nothing. It just sounded... DEAD.

PPS: Does anyone know when KOTOKO started getting into the scene? I think up through verge, it was predominantly utahime like eiko, Lia, Ayana, etc...

Zephronite 2004-05-21 08:30


Originally Posted by Kakashi-Sharingan
Naruto music is the best music of all time

Omg, typical Narutardity. Just slap the name Naruto on anything and they will declare the 'The best (blah) of all time'

An educated guess (judging from would be around 2002. Then all the older singers got nudged aside, or maybe to work on their solo albums (Ayana, Eiko and Momo aka P.O.R.)

Needless trivia: Kotoko released her first album, Sora wo Tobetara (which is not related to I've in any way) in 2000.

syed 2006-03-20 08:50

some body can send to me that cd episod of hi hi puffy amiyumi if you have
at or by chat at yahoo massenger

Vexx 2006-03-20 14:52

Just to try and rerail this topic from that aforementioned moronic post .... more of the I've sound has a bluesy rock to it ... or an "edge" that a lot of anime and j-pop music completely lacks. KOTOKO and Lia aren't immune from the fluff noise (about half their tracks make my eyes roll up from generic pablum) but sometimes you can tell they almost "get it" ... frankly, my favorite singer at the moment from Japan is Ua simply because she's always trying something interesting.

Chiibi 2006-03-21 19:06

Not ALL of us are "I've fanboys"...

I happen to be an I've fanGIRL. XP

My favorite is Kotoko, because of her voice and upbeat style and I first got to know Kotoko's music through the series "Kannazuki No Miko".

mamo-chan 2006-03-22 03:58

I like anything by Yoko Kanno (i.e Macross Plus, Escaflowne, etc)

07ChanF 2006-03-22 04:27

1. What genre I've music do you like?

I listen to both trance and the girls collection. It is probably one of the fastest way of becoming poor overnight:heh: .

2. What was the main reason you became a fan of I've music?

I listen to anime internet radio and I heard KOTOKO's Sensitive - Remix. I was a fan of the background tune and how they use the voice as a seperate instument. I had been leaning towards Trance/techno before I've, but once I heard Sensitive-Remix I became a lot more poorer.:heh:

3. Is there any particular artist you like?
SHIHO's Purple Stone on her new album Diveratis and Belvedia on the 4th compilation make me lean (heavily) towards her. Lia is my other favourite.

PS I automatically check out most anime with IVE music in it EXCEPT the h stuff....

Kainy 2006-03-22 15:16

I'm a fan of both I've girls and I've trance... and for that matter the BGMs for various games that they've done (See the AIR OST)

Really, the fantastic, uber overinstrumentation is what makes me love I've so much. They support the melody with so many synth/whatever lines that, as zalas said, you can hear something new in your 20th time listening to a song. I love it - the songs never feel empty unless they're supposed to.

There are more utahime that I like than don't, so I can't really pick favorites... KOTOKO, Lia, and EIKO stand out to me, though.

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