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monir 2013-10-26 00:47

Monogatari Series Second Season - Episode 14 Discussion / Poll (Shinobu Time I)
Welcome to the discussion thread for Monogatari Series Second Season, Episode 14.

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Romanticide 2013-10-26 00:49

i'm so excited for this i feel like i might cry.

DorkingtonPugsly 2013-10-26 00:58


Originally Posted by Romanticide (Post 4885223)
i'm so excited for this i feel like i might cry.

Me too man. Only a few more hours... *shaking*

monir 2013-10-26 05:14

Shinobu! Shinobu!! Shinobu!!!

Daniel Lind 2013-10-26 05:33

Ah yes, Mayoi's arc begins.

Xero8420 2013-10-26 09:13

Can't wait for more Shinobu~!!! xD


Originally Posted by Daniel Lind (Post 4885457)
Ah yes, Mayoi's arc begins.

Kabuki = 'Shinobu focus'
Oni = 'Mayoi focus'

What kind of irony is this? :confused:

Daniel Lind 2013-10-26 10:02

Nope, no OP.
The track in the trailer was it, predictably.
Credits integrated in the episode.

Romanticide 2013-10-26 10:07

ugh my usual site doesn't have it up. :( i guess i'll have to wait an hour

shinyaNakagawa 2013-10-26 10:15

My usual site is up but somehow my side is lagging. Dammit.

omimon 2013-10-26 10:29

They animated the two kisses. This arc has satisfied my requirements.

ultimate_noob 2013-10-26 10:30

Kissu times two~

Daniel Lind 2013-10-26 10:35

Nobody can resist Araragi's muscles. Nadeko was right!

shinyaNakagawa 2013-10-26 10:38


Originally Posted by omimon (Post 4885706)
They animated the two kisses. This arc has satisfied my requirements.

So 1wame is about the kurayami, unlimited rulebook ridatsuban, and a kiss from a doll?
Dammit internet.

Romanticide 2013-10-26 11:11

this link isn't working.

FelynxTiger 2013-10-26 12:12

gotta love loli kisses XD

shinyaNakagawa 2013-10-26 12:26

Faithful adaptation for the first episode.
But I guess they have made Hachikuji's angry-play looks weird since they removed the long talk about comic serialization which is less significant to the whole story.

DorkingtonPugsly 2013-10-26 13:00

Perfect. Just perfect. They had everything in there, and the two kisses were delicious two. Also laughed a lot.

FelynxTiger 2013-10-26 13:36

DorkingtonPugsly 2013-10-26 13:43

One thing i would've liked to hear just for laughs, was Araragi tell us to go watch Kabuki but don't really because it was pointless.

omimon 2013-10-26 13:49


Originally Posted by FelynxTiger (Post 4885925)

The gif doesnt work.

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