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gta_master1987 2004-04-28 17:40

i'm wondering if there is a second season to this series?

cindialai 2004-04-28 17:45

no.. it's just to celebrate japan soccer world cup..unless japan is going to hold the world cup competition again, i don't think there is going to be second season

Rainbow 2004-04-29 03:17

I do hope there will be another season, but that's so not up to me.

ironbomb 2004-12-02 22:17

Well i just saw the whole anime the 2nd time(fully the past 3days). And i still got the same questions i had after seeing the whole thing the first time like 4months ago.

2) THEY JUST GOT THE WHOLE TEAM TOGETHER.... AT LEAST GIVE SOME COMPETITION TO THAT.....and we only saw 1 game of them playing an elite team.
3) was there some type of money issue when making the anime of this series cuz it was short!
4) Isnt there OT in soccer when the score is timed at the end(and then Penalty Shots if the score is still tied after single OT?)

Thats it for now... i know i got a few more questions, jsut cant remember em atm.

O YEA... 1m question.... MAYB WHISTLE#2? or a sequel to it?

ironbomb 2004-12-03 20:38

Deleted, wrong thread.

Shenlong 2004-12-04 02:44

Try the Whistle manga

Budweineken 2004-12-04 03:35

Well it just depends on the OT issue and the rules of the league....

Usually each half has "added time" to recompense time lost....

When both halves end... depending on the league there might be an OT... there might be penalty kicks... or the game just ends as a tie....

Again it varies depending the league... and more so if it is a elimination game... like playoffs or finals...

there is no straight answer....

gothlink666 2006-05-01 02:23

whistle and osaka?
i watched whistle awhile ago for like 5 episodes and never got into it.
I started again 2 years later..... to busy if you need to know why.
but im wondering why shige if he isnt from osaska why does he speak like it?

tyciol 2011-08-31 16:42

I watched the whole series of this, I believe I got the tracker from AS but it seems to be gone now:

Anime-Keep had done all 39 episodes. I'll see if I can find the torrent file (usually delete them after it's done) and host it on Nyaa again. Currently whistle doesn't get any results there.

You can see from this thread that we had them hosted here according to GHDPro. Hopefully we can again. 1-20 and 21-39 looks like how it was split up.

Their page for it is here:


I hope that helps if someone could put these onto the tracker since it appears to be empty right now. I'd like to make a 1-39 merged batch but I'm not sure how to do that plus I ended up renaming all my files as I watched them (adding titles) so it might not work due to that.

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