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Tiberium Wolf 2014-05-09 01:26

Win7 Homegroup issues
Win7 ultimate (64 bits) (desktop connected with cable) + Win7 home premium (64 bits) (connected with wireless

Worked without problems.

Now with 2 Win7 ultimate (64 bits) ( 1 desktop and other laptop) I can't seem to set shared folders to work beside the default "users".
In the advance sharing settings I left it with default settings... that is to let windows to manage the homegroup connections. I don't get it what's wrong. Anyway right now I don't have the laptop with the home premium.

They don't have the same user names and I really didn't want to have the same user nor use authentication option.
BTW, the permissions in the shared folder is for everyone.

Anyone got any ideas?

PS: before I found out that to connect to the homegroup I needed to have computers with the clocks sync else it would fail to connect. Doh.

Ok... Solved. In Sharing > network file and folder sharing -> I didn't had "everyone" here. I had only added "everyone" in advanced sharing. I don't know why it worked in other laptop and not in this new laptop. Weird!

sa547 2014-05-15 12:42

TBH, in Windows 7 sharing folders has become different and a bit stricter/specific than in XP; we have to use Everyone if we need to make the folder visible to everyone on the network.

Tiberium Wolf 2014-05-15 18:05

I still don't get the difference between the normal shared section and adv shared section. Still don't know why 1 config worked for 1 laptop and not the other one. Note they are all Windows 7.

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