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-KarumA- 2014-07-27 15:13

MPC freezes video somewhere midway constantly with cccp
Hello everyone,

I recently got a new computer build with a clean installation of Windows 7 Ultimate. On the old system I used a semi older version of cccp with MPC.

I installed the latest version but I have this odd problem with movies that I cannot pin point the problem of.

What happens is that I play movies or series; mp4 or avi, basically just about anything.
Around the 45 minute mark the screen just freezes of mpc, I can still move the mouse so the system is still running. The screen is still labelled as "playing" not paused. I can exit the full screen mode but clicking around mpc causes it to crash. In order to play the video again I have to restart mpc and reload the file.

What I tried so far:
I tried using an older version of cccp, but no avail it seems because it just happened again.

I am including an insurgent scan in the spoiler tags below.

I have always used cccp int he past and never had problems with it so I don't know why this is playing up. I didn't install any other codecs or anything either.

Spoiler for insurgent scan:

Also my listed filters during playback in mpc
And a test render from one of the video files I had it with so far.


I tried the repair function. Temps and everything else runs fine.
I am also noting that it uses the LAV filter for just about anything, I remember from the past that it would usually use Haali (this was on my other system of course).

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