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Yebyosh 2004-04-30 23:41

Fullmetal Alchemist Timeline [First Series]
An attempt to set certain things straight as well to reduce some confusion, aid clarity, etc blah blah blah

~1513 - Hohemheim creates the Philosopher's Stone.
Dante performs the first Soul Transfer.

1783 - Something is stirring.
Greed is captured and sealed.

- The Elric brothers exist in limbo (i.e. they are not even conceived yet) :heh:
The military personel Juliet Douglas dies.

1900 - Ed (1), Al unborn.
The Supposed Lie: "While on patrol, 'Juliet Douglas' shoots an unarmed Ishuvaru kid, sparking off the Ishuvaru Rebellion."
The Supposed Truth: Amestris Special Forces including Dorchet, Martel and Roah infiltrated an Ishuvarun temple and massacred their priests, sparking off the war.
The above Special Forces were transfered to the 5th Laboratory and made into Chimeras.

1907 - Ed (8), Al (7).
The Fuhrer orders the State Alchemists to suppress the Ishuvaru Rebellion.
The Proto-Philosopher Stone is used in combat.
The Ishuvaru Rebellion becomes the Ishuvaru Massacre.
Winry Rockbell's parents are shot by Major Roy Mustang in the Ishuvaru Rebellion.
Major Tim Marcoh deserts the army.

1909 - Ed (10), Al (9).
Trisha Elric dies. The Elrics meets Izumi & goes off to train under her.

Baseline: 1910 Feb - Edward (11), Alphonse (10).
Elric brothers attempt to recreate their mother Trisha Elric.

1910 Oct 3rd - Edward (11), Alphonse (10).
The Elrics burnt down their house and travel towards Central.
While traveling to Central, the Elrics meet Lust in disguise.

Late 1910 to Early 1911 - Ed (12), Al (11).
The Elrics meet the Tuckers.
Edward's birthday is on the day of or the day before the birth of Elysia Hughes.
Edward Elric is certified by Fuhrer King Bradley to become the youngest State Alchemist ever.
Barry the Butcher is met.
Scar appears in Central with partial amnesia.

Implication -
The above three grouped events indicate that Edward Elric's Birthday lies between mid-October and early-February.

1911 - 'Juliet Douglas' reappears in the army as the Fuhrer's Secretary.

1913 - Ed (15), Al (14).
The Elrics enters Leore and caused a huge ruckus. Gluttony and Envy appear with Lust.
5th Laboratory Incident.
Greed re-appears.
Ed turns 16 while recuperating after the 5th Laboratory Incident.

Late 1913-1914 - Ed (16), Al (15).
Hughes is killed. Frank Archer takes over his position.
The Elrics fall prey to Izumi.
Wrath and Sloth are revealed.
Dante is reintroduced along with Lyra. Dante transfers her soul into Lyra.
Greed is killed.
Pride is revealed.
Alphonse is transmuted to be the Philosopher's Stone by Scar in Lioru.
Hohemheim returns and is banished to the other side of the Gate by Dante.
Sloth is killed.
Ed is banished to the other side of the Gate which turns out to be Earth circa.1916 Sep.
Alphonse 'heals' Ed at the cost of his whole self.
Ed brings back 10-year old Alphonse.
Ed 'somehow' manages to get to Earth circa. 1921.
FMA World Year at this time is 1914 - early 1915.

Post series- events.

Series End.

ElvenPath 2004-05-01 01:07

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