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chrno 2003-11-20 11:23

How do you transfer a XVID, DVIX or torrent to VHS or DVD-R?
How do you convert any of these formats to a tape or DVD blank?

I was curious as to the point that I see so many do this when they sell fansubs. I'm not considering it. I buy the licensed version when it comes out anyway. But for say someone that only has a DVD player or only has a VHS. This is more viewing on a private basis to show people.

Is there any troubleshooting documentation that I can find to read up on.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

TaMz 2003-11-20 12:25

This is in the wrong section...
But anyways...

DVDs can be burned with a DVD-RW drive so thats it...
VHS can be done by having the right cables and progs, so that the video (the machine) is connected to the comp and then u record the ep from the comp to the VHS...

chrno 2003-11-20 16:15

Damn, I figured that I might have posted in the wrong area. I must've missed finding something that would allow me to post in the right spot. I try to do that.

Ok, so you can just burn it to any DVD blank as long as you have a decent hook up from your VCR to your computer. But do you have to play the file to record it? I mean most of the time these files are viewed when you downloadthem as either .AVI, .RAR, .RM extensions when they sit on your computer desktop. If you just copied them it would be like drag and dropping them onto a disc. Is there any other methods that would allow you to transfer them in a way that they would be like a title chapter on the disc? Do you need DVD burning software to make it perform like a DVD would?

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