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Ken84 2004-05-04 23:50

Tonde Burin
Help, tell me please!!!! Where can i get the anime Tonde Burin????

animeguineapig 2006-10-04 20:49

I know! Where? I WA-WA IT!!!

Keitaro 2006-10-04 22:30

It's been on animesuki for some time now -->

NoSanninWa 2006-10-04 22:53

Unfortunately no more of it has been fansubbed. :(

William15 2006-12-14 22:16

Any chance a Fansub Group will pick it up and sub the rest of the series? I wish I had some episodes of the American version. Damn you Bandai!

NoSanninWa 2006-12-15 01:16

Chances are... low. But not non-existent. I am eagerly holding on to my hopes that someone will fansub this some day.

gsilver 2012-08-10 16:40

I remember this show!

I saw one episode of it a long time ago. It's kind of interesting that someone actually decided to pick it up.

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