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SrStrk 2004-05-05 21:49

E-3 2004... Can ya feel it?!!!
I wanna know what games all of you are looking forward to that will be showing at E-3 this year.
I've had the awesome experience of being invited by CAPCOM to E-3 back in 2000, back when the PS2 just came out in Japan, the X-BOX was even developed yet, and the Gamecube was just a figment of someone's imagination. There were unreleased games, celebrities and BABES GALORE!!! It's held every second week in May at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Game developers and video game media (X-Play, G4TV, IGN, etc.) get to go from Wednesday to Saturday for conferences, future game meetings and other cool stuff like previews and game exhibitions. What's also cool is that on Friday and Saturday it's open to the general public (I think tickets are around $200 and admittance is 18 yrs. or older). So if you ever get the chance to go, DO IT!!! And make sure to take lots of pictures, especially of the hot video and anime babes.

Evan 2004-05-06 03:29

When is the launch date?

OhJustSomeRandomGuy 2004-05-06 12:05

Erm, you've got some facts wrong.

E3 runs from Tuesday-Friday. It's been that way since 2001. This year it's May 12-14.

It's NOT open to the public, and if you order passes, they will take your money, tell you that you don't get passes and not let you in. E3 is INDUSTRY ONLY.

Booth babe quality has dropped DRAMATICALLY. There were like some 35 year old women in swimsuits last year, and they just made you turn your head the other way. Sad, sad stuff. The only people who made a decent showing were the Street Racing Syndicate people, and that's because they hired a bunch of the import car show models. Everyone else had nothing.

So, anyway, I'll be heading out there again. Once again, I expect nothing, except that I will be grabbing stuff, and placing it on Ebay, which is the most enjoyable thing about E3 for me, year after year.

SrStrk 2004-05-06 14:07

Like I said, the last time I went was in 2000, so obviously a lot has changed.

~Mirage~ 2004-05-20 22:36

I'm looking forward to all of the Namco installments shown earlier this week on X-Play.

Tekken 5 sounds like a sweet deal too.

Sid_Burn 2004-05-21 01:04

I always go to E3... but I dont have a scanner... that's why... providing photos is impossible...

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