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Fritzy7208 2004-05-07 13:22

DDR Music???
Where can i download ddr music i'm looking for a website etc... Thank you to all that help me out i really appreciate it!!

xxziggybitsxx 2004-05-07 13:24

Umm... yha... first of all... you dont dl it.. you buy it.... and second... you can find some songs on but they arnt songs. They are the songs and the dwi files :)

Soulfang 2004-05-07 22:16

Yeah, you can buy the OSTs and rip the songs yourself, everyone surely does. Or we can take off our elitist hats.

bluemist 2004-05-08 04:07

Find a dedicated DDR forum for that.

CerealKiller 2004-05-09 09:47

All I can say about the band who made the music ( is that it made some really good material for remixes.

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