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Natsuko 2004-05-07 19:10

FFXI question
i've got a question about FFXI, i heard and i read a few things about a play online credit card that you can use. Does any one know anything about it?

Otsu 2004-05-09 19:18

I don't believe that PlayOnline has released a credit card. They don't have anything about it on their site. And they ask that you use Mastercard or i really doubt that they'll have a personal credit card just for PlayOnline.
Payment Methods for PlayOnline listed here

Natsuko 2004-05-10 04:10

This site talks a bit about it but it mentions being released in Japan, but that was in 2002. Some one i know who lives in canada ordered one from walmart. But i tried to get one and wasnt able to. I just wanted to get more info on the card but i havent found anything other then this.

Otsu 2004-05-10 16:30

Heh...its still a visa or mastercard creditcard with PlayOnline benefits included.
the online thing other than that article pertaining to the PlayOnline Visa/MasterCard is here which is in japanese...(i can't read japanese) From what i can guess it sells the card or something...
As for your friend in Canada...I don't think they sell credit cards at Walmart...You would more likly just register yourself at Visa or Mastercard's website.

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