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molle 2003-11-20 23:50

Full Body Panel
eeek! I guess it turned out a bit ecchi, I'm sorry!
Don't know at all how to do nice censurs, I thought bubbles in front of the nipples would seem to basic crappy. Hope you like it!

dot|hack 2003-11-21 00:58

This chapter is gona rock :)

Vulkar 2003-11-21 01:20

Molle, your artwork looks better and better with each chapter.

Tboz 2003-11-21 05:01

Woh... This is better than the last one... you ROCK man... ;)

molle 2003-11-22 00:21

you guys rock! thnks for the comments, boosts my drawing esteem like hell!!
thx a lot!!

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