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ramune 2004-05-08 22:28

Onimusha 3
Has anyone tried this game yet?

I personally liked the first 2, but I don't know if I should get this one right now. Is there anything new besides the new weapons and a new character? I watched the intro and I thought it was fantastic, but I heard that's because the game producer spent more than half the budget just on this intro movie alone, and that makes me worry about the quality of the game as a whole. Also I don't understand why this game has no Japanese dialogue. I think a samurai game like this should be played in Japanese.

So is this game worth the money? Or I should wait until the price drops?

DreamweaverN 2004-05-08 23:25

It is a good game. Very enjoyable even though I dont really know what is going on :).

Dark Zero 2004-05-08 23:29

I got the first 2 and loved them, and was awaiting this one for awhile to 'close' the series off. But the way games are dropping prices like flies a few weeks to months after release, I'll take my chances and wait for a bit, nothing like buying Onimusha2 after its release for 50$USD and having it drop to 20$ a month later -_- No more buying games early for me!

Strider_Lee 2004-05-10 16:28

From what I have played so far, it seems more than interesting to play. As far as the setup, it is more similar to Onimusha 1 than 2, but it has the difficulty level of 2 more (I thought that the 2nd was harder than the 1st game). Graphics are not exactly the greatest, but pretty damn close for a PS2 game (looks just like the other onimusha games, but tweeked a little better, not to mention the movie cut scenes they put in it are spectacular). New weapons are cool, more puzzles, Jean Reno using whip weapons (including a sword that is kinda used like Ivy's sword/whip from the Soul Caliber series) that can do neat grabs and throws, not to mention that he kinda looks cool as an onimusha.

As long as your not busy with other new games, I would suggest this title. I can not say too much about how good the storyline is just yet, but it seems that it is going in a good direction so far.

I would have also liked to hear a japanese audio track rather than just stick with an english track, but I think they had to since a new part of the game has a little sprite/fairy Tengu (named Ako) who flies around and can pickup stuff and helps you out during the gameplay (and they do not have the subtitles when she talks during gameplay, which is probably why they stuck with the english audio track to avoid confusion to the non-japanese speaking/listening audience).

Soconfused 2004-05-10 18:25

I think it's exellent, one of my favorite games of the year so far. the action is kick-ass and theres a decent amount of moves for each character. It's also got great puzzles, and plenty of extras. It's worth a rental atleast.

Samurai_Yojimbo 2004-05-20 14:44

i nearly completed the japanese version tho its more hard than it sounds when its in japanese and i dont speak japanese =/ great game tho :D worth the mulleh

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