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Wandering_Youth 2003-11-21 04:42

Xenosaga I Opinions.
I was finally able to play Xenosaga a week ago. I have been waiting a long to play it because I loved Xenogears and I did not have PS2. I borrowed the system and the game from my friend since he longer plays it. I have read many reviews and opinions about Xenosaga saying it was a bad game because most of the time you just watch movies instead of playing. However, I like Xenosaga so far and I really like the movies even if there is little playing going on. I guess it's because when I play an RPG I'm more interesting in the story than the game play. I have not been able to finish the game because my bro saved over my file and I had to return everything. :frustrated: The only complaints I have about Xenosaga was the dubbing (horrible) and the corny remarks done by the characters whenever you beating a battle. I'm looking forward to the rest of the Xenosaga games and the anime coming out for it. What about you guys?

Esperchld 2003-11-21 09:48

It was well worth the 35 hours it took me to complete it. The story is good and the gameplay is good. The only thing I didn't like about it was it felt too short when I got to the end. I can't wait for the second one. I wonder if they will redo episode 5 as well (Xenogears). However, the game has diverted from the story that was written in the Xenogears perfect works, and should also take place 5000 years earlier than it does.

Dark Zero 2003-11-21 22:38

I liked it, wasn't at all what I waited for all that time, but it was well worth the time spent (less then 25hrs -_-, game complete) on it. I didn't like the way they changed the use of the gears, but in the end, it did mix really well with the way the game was done. And don't listen to people who say "its all cutscenes, you don't play much" BAH, ffX was JUST as many cutscenes, damn fanboys -_-

Morphalexis 2003-11-22 13:56

to say the least, both FFX and Xenogears were kickass games.. They did both have a few flaws, but doesn't every game?

I have yet to complete XG due to my time frame at this moment.. hahah But i'm nearing the end! I loved the movie sequences... plz it explains more of the story! i soooo can't wait until #2 comes out.. heheh

Gaara11 2003-11-22 14:00

I love Xenogears. I have to agree w/ most regarding the ending. Plus what really pissed me off is Xenogears. I didn't like the color and what it looked like. They should have kept Weltall's Color and made him more kick ass.

Dark Zero 2003-11-22 14:29


Originally Posted by Gaara11
I love Xenogears. I have to agree w/ most regarding the ending. Plus what really pissed me off is Xenogears. I didn't like the color and what it looked like. They should have kept Weltall's Color and made him more kick ass.

nice job spoiling to anyone that DOESN'T know why the game is called xenogears........that was kinda corny IMO, c'mon, the last gear is XENOGEARS? jeez, thats SOOO creative.

Roloko vi Britannia 2010-04-10 00:44

It was good although it was very hard especially when you fight Albedo. I thought the dubbing was good and the animation was ok, but nothing compared to episode III.

roriconfan 2010-04-10 03:05

Hah, I played them just for the story. The gameplay was good but I didn't care as much for that. The story is excellent if seen as a trilogy but weak individually in each game; especially the second. And the way everything was resolved in the third felt kinda cheap but I still loved the darn thing.

AnimeFangirl 2010-04-10 07:33

I liked Xenosaga I a lot. I wasn't expecting to because of all the complaints about endless cut scenes and a boring story, but in spite of (or maybe because of) that I had a great time playing it. I liked all the characters, the battle system was fun and just right in terms of difficulty, and the story seemed to have potential. I went online and ordered XSII right after I finished it.

XSII...bland. XSIII = crap. Excrement. Worst I ever had. Die, Shion, die, etc, etc. But XSI was great!

roriconfan 2010-04-10 07:43

It's sad how the game, just like in Xenogears, lost directing (and money) as it went on. On paper it is still the most complicating and amazing story and cast I have ever seen on non-visual novel games.

the.Merines 2010-04-10 14:33

Once I went back and read the translated Perfect Guide and "Truth of Xenosaga" files, which explain a whole lot that the games never really did, I got a greater sense of appreciation for the thought and planning that went into the story-- so much so that a lot of the explanation got smoothed over.

kuro341 2010-04-10 19:38

Xenosaga Episode 1 was a great jrpg with a unique story and good (ok, i mean Great) battle system. However Episode 2 sucked and I personally liked Episode 3. It was ok with the story and very engaging and fun battle system. Episode 1 was amazing but if I were you, I would go on wikipedia, see what happened in Episode 2 and get (or rent) episode 3.

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