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Fighter Volk 2004-05-11 08:25

Favorite episode so far?
Out of the four episodes so far released, which is your favorite? I really liked the first and, of course, the fourth, so I'll cast my vote for four. This series seems like it can only get better from here. And if it matches the quality of 20th Century Boys, then it is a masterpiece.

Anyway, the second half of episode 4 was soooo intense. Johan's voice, calm and with a small taste of mocking, was really scary. Mr. Junkers's hopeless panic was even more disturbing. I feel really bad for Dr. Tenma right now...

But the first episode was also amazing. Drew me into this series immediately.

Sparkie 2004-05-11 11:57

I liked eps. 4 the best. It was very good, it explained some stuff too...

I actually didn't like the first episode very much. I didn't think much stuff happend and it definitely didn't get me hooked at all. But because so many people said that the manga was great, I decided to give it a second chance and I watched eps 2, this one, was the one that got me hooked :)

Vicious 2004-05-11 12:01

How can we have a "favorite episode" when just 5 have aired so far?

You don't have to be eager to post threads. Wait for the series to have about 20 episodes at least, then it's better to choose.

lordlucless 2004-05-25 05:13

Particularly considering there's apparantly material for around 72 episodes in the manga! Still, my favorite episode so far is 7. It did the suspense thing incredibly well - and the music!

ZeppelinJ0 2004-05-25 13:58

I'd say either 3 or 7.


7 was most enjoyable for it's overall suspense!

avmoghe 2004-05-25 21:35

Every single episode has masterfully accomplished its purpose, so its hard to say one episode is "better" than another.

But, I will say that episode 7 was the most shocking one.


Rand 2004-05-26 08:16

I must say the last one (7) freaked the hell out of me, it was great !!!! Thriller style is really well rendered.

Gravi-T 2004-06-03 16:55

Yeah, episode 7 for teh win!

It was really good, and I think it will get better. Hopefully, episode 8 will be even better with
Spoiler for spoiler for ep. 7:

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