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luckme10 2003-11-22 03:10

subbers/Encoders looking for advice
Alright so I'm thinking about getting back into the mix of the encoding world. I scratched the service of it earlier but was amazed how long it took to encode a file. So I just finnished building a dual processor mp 3000+(equivalent) and decided to take up encoding again. What I want to know is what programs do you use to encode: to rip to isos, pull out the audio, encode the file, Settings of pixels single/double pass, to get a nice divx 5 or xvid quality. General info stuff like that especially the settings. What softwares would you recomend? DVD decrypter? Gknot? Vobsub? VDub? Asm?(Sp?)

Dopeskills 2003-11-24 02:36

I always use Gordian Knot. I tend to aim for higher quality as opposed to small file size. Usually something between 40 - 60% of the compresablilty for DivX stuff. Double Pass.

I'd go to the site for info and forums.

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