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rcxAsh 2004-05-19 20:17

Stellvia of the Universe for GBA?
Just noticed, if you go to (the official site), I saw a banner "ad" at the top of the page with the letters "GBA" intertwined into the Japanese I couldn't read. Curious, I clicked and it loaded up a page showing screen shots of what looks like a GBA game! (And the letters GBA usually constitute a Game Boy Advanced

Don't know if this is old news or not. If it is, forgive me, and I will delete my thread..

The entire Stellvia site is flash, so I can't link to the "page," but I've taken a screenshot of my browser and posted a crop of it here:

Since Stellvia's recently been licensed, wonder if this game will come to North America? Eg, Pokemon, Digimon, Hamtaro all made it... lol..

Dreaming aside, what kind of game do you think it is?

Looks almost like a dating sim and/or RPG type game...

And what's with the first screenshot on the left?! Never saw Shipon doing that in the anime... :twitch:

ShinDragon 2004-05-19 21:05

It is a Dating-Sim. The GBA game's on sale right now~
but I rather get the PS2 version.

PS2 version it's a Adventure game. Came out in January.

rcxAsh 2004-05-20 07:38

Wow, thanks for the link!

Do you think that this game will come to North America? the .hack series was released... but then again, other games such as Rumbling Hearts (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) weren't.

Although, the PS2 game still looks slightly like a dating sim to me..? And what's with all the swimming suits? It's not going to be an h game is it?

And that animation of Akira looks like it could be moving in that direction?

I dunno, just me personally, but I prefer to stay away from h and heavily ecchi material.

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