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pacificterrific 2003-11-22 06:47

Any good japanese naruto fanart sites???
Just wondering who here surfs japanese naruto fanart sites and whether they would like to share site recommendations of what they consider the better sites they've found.

If anyone have any recommendations just post it... i bet a few people here would like to check them out.

Well, heres my contribution....

Found a site called "Concrete Girl" and it looks to be a fanart site of genin team 10 ie... InoShikaCho...

it looks to have some of the better naruto fanart thats non naruto/sasuke/kakashi based...

its also has definate shikaino/inoshika section which is relatively well done.

Geist 2003-11-22 07:19

If you're searching for Itachi/Sasuke fanart you might want to check resemble's site out. Can be found here:

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