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wnkryo 2003-11-22 21:34

Samurai anime
Any anime that has to do with samurias?

I am already seen/seeing :

- Samurai Deeper kyo
- Rurouni Kenshin ( TV series and OVA's)
-Peace Maker Kurogane

GreyArea 2003-11-23 14:30

Maybe Ninja Scroll TV and movies (it gets Ninja and Samurai confused a bit much like Kyo and Naruto) although there is more Oni stuff.

There's also Black Lion (licenced, Movie) by Go Nagai, quite good, though it might be hard to find.

Cant think of much else sorry ;(

Ainana 2003-11-24 01:05

Ran Tsukikage? Wandering with the Wind Ran

For Ninjas: Ninja Cadets, though the end will piss you off because it's NOT conclusive enough. By far. They needed another 5 to 10 episodes not 2 total...

Jubei Chan

Ainana 2003-11-24 01:07

Also there is one I keep meaning to try and never do for some reason. It sounds like it's of that nature though...

Legend of the Dog Warriors.

NenMaster 2003-11-24 20:57

Ran Tsukikage is pretty crappy, i wouldnt recommend u spend money on this

FinFangFoom 2003-11-26 04:54

Like Ainana said, Legend of the Dog Warriors. I watched the first 6 or so episodes of this one, the story was different, the art was good. I believe it got good reviews in a anime magazine I read. But I believe it is licensed.

Samuri Showdown the anime. I heard it sucks though.

NeverRamza 2003-11-28 03:28

Samurai Troopers aka Ronin Warriors

Oneesama 2003-12-02 01:36

Samurai Pizza Cat ~ meow~!

recently: blade of immortal ^^

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