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ruxiruxi 2004-05-29 08:45

Saint Beast
well, i see that little importance is given to this series. I found it very interesting, i liked it a lot when i first watched it, and i would like to know if the rest of the eps will be available again on Animesuki. As far as i remember, all 6 eps were available, and now there are only the first three of them.

AnimeOni 2004-05-30 01:21

AJ released 1-3 then 5-6. They did not release 4. I have watched all their released eps and it was not worth it.

White_Line 2004-05-30 02:00


The only possible purpose for Saint Beast Anime I can think of is...

~Demonstrating good animation! (I highly doubt it)

~They are advertising for the manga

I like the manga's art though. @__@ It's sooo pretty. The anime was just...too short, not that interesting, ending left you hanging there so you will buy the manga. *nods*

karsa 2004-05-30 10:53

Unless the one I have is some bizarre joke, AJ did release ep 4 (or did it escape of its own free will I wonder?) I have 1-3 by Miyuki&S-Ai and 4-6 by AJ. I think I got ep 4 from edonkey, I don't really recall. Maybe it was never released on bittorrent? I haven't watched the series yet though.

venus 2006-11-15 07:40

Saint Beast
Has anyone watched this anime? O absolutely loved it, the art was beautiful, and the characters are great, lots of good looking characters. I think it's done by the same person who did Tenshi no Shippo Chu and Angel Tales, (they appeared in Saine Beast) they're also great anime, and funny too.
Too bad that Saint Beast is only 6 episodes with an OVA,
I've heard that the Saint Beast will have a manga, is this true? I tried to look everywhere in the internet but couldn't find any information, (maybe this means that it's not true?).
Can anyone help me please?

guiltygearxt 2007-04-05 12:35

just watched ep 1 and i have 2 say this anime is gay....literally

all i c r a bunch homosexuals lol

tho it has really good OP

Dark Lord Zenigame 2007-04-05 16:58

I was probably anticipating this one more than any other show this season aside from Koutetsu Shin Jeeg, but only because I heard JAM Project is doing the OP song.

As for the show itself... it reels of BL. I can take Angelique-level fanservice for girls, but stuff like this is outside my level of tolerance. ._.;;

OP and ED songs are great, though.

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