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DingoEnderZOE2 2004-05-30 01:09

Akane Mainax
Well I just got done with Akane Mainax myself.:) And all I gotta say
is,the main character is a lot more positive but hes an Idiot. But
idiots are funny so its cool.Although I didn't properly read though
the entire game(I kinda only stoped at parts that seemed
interesting.But I think I'll play and read it next time.)It was alot
more lighter then Kimi ga Nozomu Eien thats for sure and the guys
obsession with Akane cracked me up a few times.But What the heck was
up with that ending when he becomes some sort of Techman super hero?
And whats up with that dude with the yellow afro and the bad endings
involving him? And did anyone else feel sorry(And yet laughed so
hard.) for the guy at the end? Even though he confessed to Akane she
rejected him and told him that she was gonna go to a college in
America.(Ouch)Then he cried his eyes out for a day. THEN some other
girl comes(from Muv Luv perhaps?)And the guy starts to go though the
same moment he had when he first saw Akane BUT it looks like she has
boyfriend!!! Now all I gotta say to that is "Awwww poor guy." and a
big fat :heh:!!! But still can someone explain to me exactly why Akane
rejected him ?I couldn't quite understand what she was saying halfway
though the thing.And what did you guys(the I'm sure few who played it) think of the game?

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