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gizmo 2004-06-02 05:19

In love... sigh
Yeah it's the time of the year.. love.. pain.. YUP i'm talkin' bout myself awright!
But hey: didn't stop me from drawing :D Here's my newest work, I'm gonna color it later on but here's the scetch for you guys (and girls) allready

Rhia 2004-06-02 07:36

I like it, i think the eye is really cool..the way youve drawn it that is...

gizmo 2004-06-02 07:43

Wel thanks, I've got a question: should I color it with color, or should I shade it with pencil so it will stay in black and white.. i'm troubling! :P

White_Line 2004-06-03 14:46

I like coloring things soo......I think you should color it! ^_____^

I envy all people that can draw side profiles....I can't draw side profiles.... *sobs* The eyes are really pretty.....shiny....sparkly.... @__@

sopel 2004-06-03 15:04

Color her hair pink^^, she'll look like that girl from Pretear. ^^

gizmo 2004-06-03 15:58

request granted, working right on it (I sure will tomorrow, now I'm off yo bed :P)

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