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Cz 2004-06-02 22:22

IRC Anime Party - Schedule and Discussion
An online anime party where viewers get together to watch some anime episodes on IRC.

Where IRC channel on ZiRC: (choose other servers if this generic one doesn't work)

Every Saturday @ 2130 UTC. Time zone converter

1)We determine what to watch beforehand.
2)Each person downloads the anime episodes separately during the week.
3)We gather in the same channel on IRC.
4)Everyone loads the same anime episode on their favorite media player (set the media player to always-on-top and switch focus to the IRC client's channel window).
5)The MC (probably me) counts down to zero.
6)Everyone starts their media player at the end of the countdown.
7)Each of us read and write comments in the channel during the show (multitasking skills required :p)

Latest anime party discussion
Old anime party thread

Here are the acronyms I've used for the anime series, together with the fansub versions we are using in square brackets.

TW = Tweeny Witches(Mahou Shoujo Tai) [AnimeForever]; B = Bleach [AKeep&ANBU]; NRTR = Narutaru [Triad & AonE];

January 8, 2005
  • TW 19 + 20
  • B 10
Two weeks postponed (Christmas and New Year)

December 18, 2004
  • TW 18
  • B 8 + 9
December 11, 2004 (postponed)
  • TW 18
  • B 8 + 9

December 4, 2004
  • TW 17
  • B 7

Hmm.. I missed a few session updates here...

November 13, 2004
  • TW 16
  • B 4
  • NRTR 2
November 6, 2004
  • TW 14 & 15
  • B 3
  • NRTR 2
October 30, 2004
  • TW 13 + 14
  • B 2
  • NRTR 1 (maybe)
NOTE: Sometimes it is a good idea to download ahead (ie. the next episodes) in case we end on a cliffhanger. In that case we might go ahead and watch the next episode in sequence to hopefully break the suspense.

NOTE2: Parties are only fun with enough people. In the case of the anime party, we will postpone the session to the following week if there are fewer than three(3) people attending.

NOTE3: To avoid endless delays (and subsequently forgetting what previous episodes talked about) there will be no more than 2 postponings of the same episodes. Even if there are too few people, we will either watch them together or individually so we can go on to the next episodes.

Gravi-T 2004-06-03 12:19

Why did you create this thread instead of the old one?

Hmm. I hope I can make it this Saturday, because I am going to a party that day. :\
And the Dōgakon-convention (in Stockholm) is that weekend too!
But I'll probably be home before 21.30 UTC. See you then! :)

EDIT: Instead of Tweeny Witches, couldn't we have Midori no Hibi? Because every episode of TW is 9 minutes long ( ) and MnH has the standard running time. Right?
Else it would be a start at 2130 UTC, then 9 + 23 + 23 minutes of anime. Something like that, right?

Cz 2004-06-04 01:08

The schedule can be changed. We could watch 2 eps of TW in a week if we wanted to, and if no new ones are out, we could fit in another series or an extra episode of an existing one. All these are decideable here or immediately after the party on IRC.

I created this new thread because I want to keep the first post updated with the latest schedule for the next party. If you look at the link to the old old party thread this was how we did it last time. :)

wao 2004-06-04 05:29

I think only about like... 5 eps have been released of TW, though. That's 5 x 9 = 45 minutes. Not a lot... :0 Madlax on the other hand has got 9 eps released. It is a fairly slow series so you might as well just squeeze it in somewhere and move on... You aren't continuing this party for 9 weeks, right? Ah, whatever :)

Gravi-T 2004-06-04 10:01


Originally Posted by wao
I think only about like... 5 eps have been released of TW, though. That's 5 x 9 = 45 minutes. Not a lot... :0 Madlax on the other hand has got 9 eps released. It is a fairly slow series so you might as well just squeeze it in somewhere and move on... You aren't continuing this party for 9 weeks, right? Ah, whatever :)

My opinion is that this party should go on forever. Or at least until all these shows are over...?

Eeek, I've got 2 days to download GGM and MX!

SirJeannot 2004-06-04 18:13

damn, i'll be at a ddr party :sad:
but next time i'll make it :)

HoboGod 2004-06-05 00:32

ewww.... plans came up... i might not be able to make it to the party. Today was my high school gradutation cerimony and like EVERYBODY that couldn't make it wants to congradulate me (it really blows.) so my italian family is taking me to a fancy italian resturaunt. no idea when it will be, but it is the same day as the anime party. :(

Cz 2004-06-05 00:42


I need someone as a backup MC in case I don't make it or is late for some reason. Unfortunately it's too early to tell who will be there persistantly enough. In case I do not make it this time (I might be going out) whoever is in the channel can begin the countdown. The steps are outlined in the first post. :)

Gravi-T 2004-06-05 06:28

Okay. And the people who DON'T make it to the party, will just have to download the first episodes of the three shows and watch them by themselves, so they can join the next party.

HoboGod 2004-06-05 09:30

well, i'm guessing that next week's party is gunna be alot more popular once summer vacation is officially here. ^_^

Cz 2004-06-05 17:28

Party starting now in case people forgot about it.

aliensquare 2004-06-05 21:44

i have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to join.
im going to be half awake! o well let me try this out

Gravi-T 2004-06-06 07:15

Yay! The last party actually was a success! Great turnout too!
It would be too confusing if there was about 50 people on the channel. :D

The general views on the shows were:
Gilgamesh: Sucked, but give it time and it'll be better
Tweeny Witches: Too short, but cute
Madlax: Great show, "I'm starting to like this", "James Bond!" and so on.

By the way, you guys should post what your IRC-nicks are too. So everyone knows everyone. Mine is Gravi-T. :P

And I'd like to add Midori no Hibi to the list of shows. That show is awesome! And it's a comedy, so we can write at the same time. :)

SiL Eighty 2004-06-06 16:09

I dont think I need to post my nick >_> but anywayZ I'd also liked to nominate Midori no Hibi 'cuz for some reason the party just seems to short and goes by pretty fast.

Hoshiko 2004-06-08 03:39

Sorry I missed the first party... I had a graduation party to attend.
I guess my opinion really doesn't count since I missed the all the important meetings and such... But I really like Midori No Hibi and I recomend it. It's a show that would be hard for anyone to dislike.

SirJeannot 2004-06-08 11:37

the next time will be ok yay :D

Cz 2004-06-09 12:42

Ok, I will tentatively place Midori no Hibi, Anime-Empire version on this coming Saturday's schedule. I say tentatively since it's already Wednesday and people might not have time to download it. Furthermore I am not seeing any more votes for it right now. :)

Gravi-T 2004-06-11 06:20

So you mean, just because it's a Wednesday, no one has the time to download it? For me, one episode usually takes 1½ hour to download. So if I download them during the time that I sleep, everything is aaaaaaaaaaaall right! :D

Cz 2004-06-12 02:17

Not if they have to download the other 3 episodes for the other series as well. I am hoping we can ditch Gilgamesh after this week because I dislike the drawing. Let us see how it goes tomorrow. :p

Gravi-T 2004-06-12 08:52

Just because YOU dislike it? :D

I re-watched the first episode of Gilgamesh and it's actually better than I thought. I mean, we were just making fun of it during the party, but the second time you watch it, it's better. Okay, the drawing and animation was pretty crappy, but it had an interesting storyline, which I would like to see develop.
It reminds me of the Fatal Fury anime movie.
Hey! That gave me an idea! What about watching a movie in the animesuki IRC party sometime? If there is an unlicensed movie released, we could all watch it together! Wouldn't that be nice? :)

Anyway, I'm all charged up for tonight's (for me it will be around midnight) party! I've got ep. 2 of GGM and MX and ep. 1 of MNH and currently downloading TW 2. :D

But if GGM 2 doesn't satisfy our needs, I think we should ditch it too.

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