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ElvenPath 2004-06-07 17:34

Review rules and format
  1. 1 thread per anime. To check if the show has already a thread, consult the review index.
  2. All reviews must follow the format indicated below.
  3. Constructive criticism and comments are allowed.
  4. NO SPOILERS. If spoiling is necessary, please use spoiler tags.
  5. Use proper spelling and grammar. Tip:
  6. If you are reviewing a series that isn't completed yet, you can edit your post to make updates.

Thread title format

[Review] <Anime name> - <Type> - <Genre>

Example: [Review] Bottle Fairy - TV - Fantasy/Magic

Rating scale
  • 0 = null
  • 1 = average
  • 2 = good
  • 3 = very good
  • 4 = excellent
  • 5 = perfect

Review format

(Only required for the first post in a thread)
Write a quick summary for the episode.

Animation: X/5
Write about the visual, presentation, art, animation, and aesthetic quality of the anime.

Sound: X/5
Write about the quality of and the usage of music and sound effects in the anime. You can also write about voice acting (original Japanese voice) whenever possible.

Story: X5
Write about the story and plot quality of the anime. You can also write about first impression, conclusion, and the originality.

Characters: X/5
Write about character's design and character's development of the anime. You can also write about mechanical design whenever possible.

Overall: X/5
Your overall appreciation goes here.

Credit to...
Anime Planet
Someone who will recognize himself

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