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Muraki 2003-11-24 12:31

Sketch Thingy

I can't draw the chest area of girls so everything I draw looks like boys whether intended or not :heh: the two above are boys though ~_~ and since I really suck at downward perspective I'm never gonna add a background to the one with the tree :heh: My scanner screwed up on the second one and it came out too light...

gravitation 2003-11-24 12:52

KOOOL! those two guys look goood!, they are pretty good lookin aswell might i add ^_^ :D ooo they are very good looking actually! ^_^ well done keep it up :) :D

Shii 2003-11-24 15:00

I think it needs proportion work... but that's just me >_> gj

calavera spain 2003-11-26 09:40

as ashibaka said, tou have to look to perspective... the drawings are pritty good, but try to do heavier lineouts and it will look smoother

anime-otaku 2003-11-28 01:52

The pictures are a bit too light, I can see the CLAMP influence in your style.

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